May 26, 2020

Review: 41427 Emma's Fashion Shop

Fashion Friends indeed! Andrea scoots over to Emma's new shop to see what cool capes and other clothing designs she's come up with in her upper-floor studio!

Box front shows Emma's Fashion Shop situated near downtown HLC. Lovely trees and green-space behind it.
The BFF heart and flange doodles indicate it's a standard, non sub-theme set; and our mini-doll cameos are the previous Lavender circle frames.

Box back shows the garment rack rotates to offer more selection. Of course Emma is featured in graphic form in her classic purple polka dot ruffled blouse.
We get to see inside this Cool Yellow modular shop.

Box top has the Teal scooter, brick collage, and mini-dolls, with Emma as the 1:1 part size ratio display.
The box bottom merely has product warnings, recycle info, and minor doodles.

One Box side has more brick collage and LEGO Life ad, and the other has our scene slice that features a brick-built sign!

Box contents: Instructions book, fairly large sticker sheet, an 8x16 Lavender base plate, and 3 parts bags.

Bag 1 parts: First off -- this is the first time in all the years of Friends I have seen FOUR torso pieces in one bag -- not to mention, both mini-dolls' parts in the same bag, together, without at least one head being in an inner bag!

Fans have been asking for more clothing options for their mini-dolls ... well, this set delivers! Even though all the prints aren't new, they will be to some builders.

The fabric box on the upper right holds the capes and fabric sheet in gold sheen!

The one inner bag of Bag 1 parts: Black Lipstick!

Emma has a lovely wrap-around top in coral with a white cherry blossom branches motif. The dark purple fabric-gathers and trim continue around the back print.
It's over an aqua skirt and earth blue mary-janes.

Andrea has the gold netted overlay mesh over an earth blue halter top with high gold belt, and magenta waist scalloped details. Over a magenta skirt and earth blue boots, she also wore this in Andrea's Talent Show 41368, which may be why she's looking at new fashions ;-)

First we build the rack for fashion capes: One is magenta and the other shimmery gold.
Next we build the mannequin stands. The two extra torsos go on top. They fit fine, yet you have to center them, since the black bar is round and the torso cavity is oval. Still, it's no bother -- and they look awesome!
The white button-up shirt with coral patterned collar and pocket top, then waist tied, is new. The gold feathery winged graphic Teal vest over v-neck magenta and dark blue belt is also new -- yet seems familiar ...

Up next is the sewing machine -- here is where we use the black Lipstick -- for a needle! How fun and clever is that?
The overall design is great and stands up to any previous. That we get to build it as an separate small module, then install, wins points from me.
We place the shiny gold fabric piece in the upper drawer.

Then we build the rotating "mix and match" shirts and bottoms display stand, with 4 stickers on each of the white 2x2 bricks -- which can be rotated independently.

We clicked in the wheels for the Teal Scooter (which first appeared in Andrea's Accessories Store 41344) and have everything we build from Bag 1, plus spares.

Bag 2 parts: Wall panel is new in Cool Yellow, and the 1x1x3 brick (column) is only in one other Classic set.  The 8x8 Lavender 1/2 circle plate is new to Friends, having previously appeared in Disney and Trolls sets.  The 4x4 round plate appears new in tan, otherwise only in a 2020 HP set.

Both of Bag 2's inner bags parts: Inverted 1x2 Cool Yellow roof slope is only otherwise in Creator Fiat. White corner tiles are very useful, and a builder can never have too many scroll bricks!

Building the bottom module, we add the mannequin stands previously built into the shop at this point. As you can see, what I mentioned earlier about the torsos slight cantering on the round bar. I didn't even realize I touched it when rotating the module.
Mainly this image is to show that we install lights (1x2 trans yellow) about the 2 bay windows, which are hard to see once the separately built awning section is added.

Having straightened that torso, here you can see the small counter with drawer and hair bows we also build.
The mirror and fashion accessories shelves sticker goes on the panel wall. A nice feature is the the Dressing Room "curtain" can rotate and easily be removed for play, and access to other things. Even though it's a sticker, I like it way more than I thought I would from when I first saw set images.
The module top has been smooth tiled, with only 4 studs remaining -- so we can connected and then remove the top module easily. Modular is such a great design aspect!

I think the tan round with white 1x1 round tile next to the register is a cup of to-go coffee :-)

Up close of Stickers: The curtain is lovely, as are the Emma-styled scroll motifs. At first I wondered why we don't use Emma's printed ruler from her very first Fashion set, then I pulled one out of my collection and realized it's 1x6. It would over-whelm the dress.
Now you can see all the tops and bottoms for sale on the rotating rack display. My favorite combo is #7 and #12 ... what's yours?

Front of the finished bottom module of the shop -- and playable at this point! Such smart designers.

Inside the complete bottom module -- plus spare parts.

Bag 3 parts: Wall panel and the 1x6x1 arch bricks are both new in Cool Yellow.  The Cool yellow 1x3x2 with inside bow (slope) pieces are only otherwise in Disney's 41157 Rapunzel's Travelling Caravan.

Inner bag's parts from Bag 3: Teacups are always welcomed! Cool yellow 1x2 angular plates are new for 2020 and otherwise only in Creator theme.  Teal 2x2 smooth tiles are new and exclusive to this set, so far.

The star of the inside upper floor module is the Teal sofa that we get to build, then install (yay!).
The earth blue 1x4 roof slope bricks are very nice for being able to reach in and re-arrange (and play); otherwise, squared-off open tops can be a bit sharp and scratch your hand. This will be especially helpful for AFOLs.

Of course there is a cute kitty in a shoe sticker that's a photo hung on the wall. It's not Chico though ...
The small round table that is just a bit fancy -- thanks to using a nose cone instead of just 2x2 round brick. We place a Teacup and Teapot on the small sofa table. I love that relaxed atmosphere this creates as a working "studio" for Emma! She's had other studios, such as 3936 Emma's Fashion Design Studio from 2012, and 41115 Emma's Creative Workshop.

The grey tiles with center studs show another spot where we get to install a separately built item into the shop -- yet can remove later for moving, or play.

Next we build the dress sign. Love it! The clip on back is how it attaches to the front balcony railing.

The upper floor module is now complete -- the front has so many lovely architectural details!
Plus we get spares -- including a Teacup!

Both modules: Which really can serve as independent shop and studio, since they both have finished looking fronts. Yet another great aspect of Modular style of building design.

Inside the shop: Upper floor now has the Sewing Machine installed on the grey tiles. It's nice to have a balcony to get some fresh air after sewing.

Inside the shop: Lower floor has the rotating garment display counter installed next to the register. The dressing room curtain is pulled around.

A view from the top let's us see that pretty pink and silver sofa cushion pattern. Makes me want to have a cup of tea with Emma ;-)

The completed fashion shop front treats us to some very lovely architectural details! The brick-built dress sign is so cute and fitting for Friends!
The windows with the scroll motifs can swing out at the bottoms. The awning ties in with the dress sign well.
The corner entrance door is a style that we've seen before in Friends, such as 41379 Heartlake City Restaurant.

Overall, it reminds me of graphics of downtown HLC from past years -- a somewhat Dutch looking facade.

One more look at the new Fashion Shop for Emma!
This is a wonderful expansion and updating of her past fashion studios.


Such lovely architecture with the dark blue twin roof peaks helping the cool yellow really pop. All the scrolls and 5-petal flowers, especially the white ones, really add that extra detail we love about Friends shops.

For any fan of LEGO shops and architecture, I recommend looking at this set -- as it could fit into a city layout. Its Dutch influence of the tall front facade makes it appealing to Modular builders, especially since it is modular. As I already mentioned, the slopes finishing off the upper inside for access are brilliant. I hope more open back/top sets are designed this way.

Emma fans will be very happy with this new shop for her! Friends fans have been asking for more mini-doll "outfits" and even to be sold separately; so getting 2 additional torso prints is great!

This set gives us an interesting building experience, a chance to build separate items, to play, and to arrange. This is how a LEGO shop should be. Plus, it's lovely to look at sitting in front of you -- and will look great next to any other Friends shops. It will especially look nice next to Heartlake City Restaurant 41379 from 2019. It blends in both color and style. Plus, Emma can meet Ethan there for spaghetti after closing shop :-)

This set was provided by The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
Photographs are property of Friends Bricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.



Unknown said...

When do these lego friends sets come out in Australia

Anonymous said...

When will this be available to buy?

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, particularly both storeys shown together from various angles. Also appreciate the contents of each pack neatly laid out.
This AFOL however had liked this set right from first release and have just bought it. The colour scheme and the architecture was what drew me.
If similar sets like Emma's Fashion Shop come up in the future, I will be pretty keen, (provided they are not ultra narrow as Emma's Art Studio.) Well done, Lego designers. - KW

thweatted said...

I would have preferred a mainly white or tan exterior or the yellow with a different colored awning, but otherwise this looks like a great set. I like the architecture and the interior details. I think I want two to make it double wide.

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