May 18, 2020

Review: 41337 Underwater Loop

Sea life fans will be laughing out loud while riding the clown fish on this loop ride at the amusement park!

The box cover shows a fun amusement park ride on the pier in front of the Heart Lake City skyline.  The upper right corner shows a standard HLC setting, with the 5 BFFs heart motif.  The wooden boardwalk and the the hanging festival lights let you know this set is part of the sea life themed amusement park sets.  In addition to highlighting all of the fun creations you get to make, the bottom right shows the names of the two mini dolls included, Vicky & Mia.

The back of the box clearly shows that the loop ride can be animated.  In addition to the ride itself, this set also includes a stairway to get on and off the ride, a ticket booth, a cotton candy cart, and two mini-dolls.  There are also many smaller inset images suggesting other play ideas!

The box top has close-up images of the various mini doll accessories that are included in the set, and an actual sized image of Mia and Vicky for reference. The bottom of the box shows the standard Friends brick collage with the included mini-dolls. There is also an ad for the LEGO Life app ad, and information about recycling.

One side of the box shows a warning that this product contains small parts and is not recommended for children under 3 years old. The other side has the same warning in a different language.  This set box did not come with a "scene slice" on one side, which is a bit unusual..

Inside the box are three numbered parts bags, an 8 x 16 dark azure plate, an instruction booklet, and a small sticker sheet.

At the back of the instruction book are two pages showing all of the parts included in the set, sorted by color.  

Below each part it states how many are included and the Lego Part Color Code.  This code is unique to this part and color combination.  I appreciate the inclusion of this information as it can be used to look up parts online.  I use it to determine which other sets have these parts included, and to see what other colors these parts are available in.

Near the beginning of the instruction book is a page showing what components of the set each parts bag will be used to build. 

AFOL Suggestion:  For sets where there are many numbered bags, you may choose not to build everything right away.  For bags you don't open, I suggest writing the SET NUMBER on the bags so you can determine what set the parts are from.  I wish Lego would put this information on them, as this would be helpful for anyone who does not always build everything included in the set right away.

Parts bag one is used to build the mini dolls, the ticket booth, and the cotton candy cart.  The white (simulated marble?) columns on each side of the booth and sloped roof remind me of the lost city of Atlantis.  I also really like the Crab sitting on the roof of the booth, and the coral reef decorations at the front as they really support the theme, making it fun!

Bags two and three contain all of the parts needed to build the loop ride.  The ride has two under sea themed passenger pods, with one being a turtle and the other a clown fish.  Each pod can seat three mini-dolls, although only two are supplied in the set.

The decorations on the dark azure base include an orange fish, a clam with pearl, and a piece of coral.  These all really contribute to making this feel like an under water setting.

This two by two round printed tile with black spiral is a nice inclusion in the set, and is only the second Lego set to have this part included.  The first was in the 2018 Classic Parts set number 10712 called "Bricks and Gears ", which had two of them included.

The instruction book included with this set is easy to follow with only a few parts needed for each step.  Unfortunately the print quality of the book I received was unusually poor with some images showing items in orange, that are actually red.  This set also contains orange parts used to build the clown fish passenger pod, so this could lead to confusion when building the crab.

The completed ticket booth compliments the theme perfectly, and the crab adds a lot of character.  Even without the "Tickets" sticker on the front it would still be clear that this is where you go to purchase tickets.

The crab is a simple but effective build, and can be easily removed and played with separately from the ticket booth.

Here you see Vicky enjoying a large stick of cotton candy next to the cotton candy cart..

While the inclusion of the ride loading staircase shows how customers would get on and off this ride, the set would not have been any less appealing without it.  I think it could have been skipped thereby reducing the set parts count and cost.  Alternatively, other parts could have been used to improve the rest of the set.  I personally would like to have seen more decorations on the ride itself, as the tower and supporting bars are quite bare.

This little clam shell with a pearl is a nice little detail that supports this theme well.  It's an effective build using only a few parts!

Their are plenty of extra parts included with this set, including some nice printed tiles that always come in handy.

One final look at the complete set!

I really like amusement park rides in general, so building one is always fun.  Adding a theme to the ride makes it more interesting and is just another detail that makes these sets appealing.

This set was provided by the AFOL Engagement of The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans. Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer. Photographs are property of FriendsBricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.


I felt this set could benefit from being motorized, so I went ahead and built the below add-on, and have included a small video showing how to attach this to the set, and a link to instructions for anyone who may want to build this for themselves.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The motorized tower below is not included with the above Lego set.


Instructions:  41377 Custom Motorization instructions

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