May 21, 2020

Review: 41425 Olivia's Flower Garden

Olivia rides her garden scooter to a spot where she built a solar-powered-light growing station.

Box art shows she's just outside HLC scooting along with her pet hamster Rumble -- while her robot Zobo waits for instructions.
The flanges are printed only and we know this is a standard set based on the BFF heart inset.

Box back has some cute images of them gardening together and that you flip up the solar panel.
The upper right graphic of Olivia features her flying heart robot from the MidWinter Night's Dream Science Fair episode. I would love to build it someday.

Box top shows a strawberry (yum) and features her hamster Rumble as the 1:1 parts ratio.

Box sides: one with warnings in many languages and a yellow flower; the other is the scene slice.

Box contents: One instructions booklet, 1 sticker, and 2 non-numbered parts bags. There was a crumbled Legoland ticket not in this picture; they must be included in all 2HY 2020 Friends sets.

The sticker graphic seems somewhat like a chalkboard drawing -- the science of growing flowers. I would welcome this as printed, as would other fans, since greenhouses are always popular buildings for AFOLs.
Plus, we've had small printed black panels like this before.

Largest bag of parts has a tan Fedora hat that isn't new to LEGO sets, yet is to Friends. It's usually found in City Farm sets. Otherwise nothing too new.

Smallest parts bag has lots of flowers, of course, and I'm glad to see the long body blooms in 3 colors here! Otherwise nothing too new; although dark pink 1x1 bricks with front knobs are welcomed.

Olivia and her pet hamster Rumble. She first wore this outfit of a shimmery blue vest with buttoned plackets over a dark pink shirt with blue ghost graphics and yellow zig-zags in 41359 Heart Box Friendship Pack, and the top in 41407 Olivia's Shopping Play Cube.

First we build "Farmer" Zobo -- topped with the tan Fedora and holding garden shears. So cute! The new-in-2019 head brick piece allows for hats -- plus it stays on the white core brick better than binoculars.

Then we build the garden scooter cart. The back is filled with dirt and flowers.

Next we build the garden station with the solar window giving power to that trans yellow grow light. It's a nice use of those angled roof window frames. We've added the blackboard instructions, a flower on the side, and the water spigot, plus bucket.

After building the raised flower bed separately, we install it under that grow light.

Here is everything you build in this set, plus a nice amount of spares.

What I like about this scooter cart design is that the front steering column can be angled out via hinge -- making it easier to help Olivia grab the handles.

Olivia is pruning leaves on a flower so it will grow bigger, while Zobo checks on the small sprouts. Rumble is hoping for a strawberry. The longer stemmed flowers allow for inserting into the fern loop, and it's a great way to display!

While Olivia rakes away some dead leaves -- Zobo thought she said the "cut" the 'flowers' in the garden cart ... instead of what she said was "put" the 'shears' in the garden cart. Oops!
Rumble is ready for that flower to fall though -- as yellow is yummy!


This garden scooter/cart is a nice design that improves upon past delivery type of vehicles. It's probably electric powered, and features her colors of cool yellow, dark azure and dark pink.

Even in nature and beauty, Olivia applies science to her projects -- which is good to see.
Zobo with a Fedora is both adorable and kind of funny. It's a great hat to have -- and I'm glad the designers are offering different hats for this robot assistant!

AFOLs should appreciate the clever growing station design. I do; and can see similar versions built next to restaurants in LEGO layouts -- as many real ones these days do grow their own produce. The raised garden bed with brick bricks in nougat and so many flowers make this set attractive for builders looking for these types of elements. I'd recommend this set if you had been looking to buy the xtra polybag botanicals -- because with spares here -- it's a better deal.
If you've never build Zobo before -- this is a fun way to do so -- especially with the new-and-improved head. It surely has other applications in MOCs ...

This set was provided by The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
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