January 2, 2014

Time~Warp #2 Building Challenge

Time~Warp #2 Building Challenge by FriendsBricks

To kick-off the new year and celebrate LEGO Friends 2nd Birthday, we're hosting Time~Warp #2 Building Challenge.
Same basic rules as the first Time~Warp:
- New MOC, never before posted
- Real LEGO Friends bricks
- Mini-Dolls encouraged
- No photoshopped backgrounds
- Fits the Heartlake City genre
This time no bricks limit!

So, imagine you travel to your 10-year-old self ... design a LEGO Friends set you would have wanted to build & play!

Post 3 of your best pics in the entry thread here on Flickr, and/or here on the Friends Bricks Forum.

Your time-warping building trip ends January 31, 2014.


The creations built for this challenge!

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