February 26, 2022

Review: 41685 Magical Funfair Roller Coaster

"Step right up -- the Magic Show is about to begin ... just mind the speeding bunny roller coaster cars!"

Inside the Magical Funfair Bigtop Tent illustrations of the animated series episode featuring this sub-theme. Beautiful artwork with 5 core Friends in their face paint and outfits for the funfair. This pose is used for their last ever BFF heart. In 2022 the upper right box corner heart inset has been retired.

For her Magical Funfair outfit, Stella wears a kaleidoscope motif top of magenta, black and white with cutouts -- with the printing around to her back. The solid white 2-layer skirt separates the black and white spinning illusions design of her tights and shoes. Her hard plastic hair piece is not a new mold, yet in Aqua is only in this set. She also wears this outfit in Magical Acrobatics 41686.
The fire ring has rare transparent magenta flames, along with orange. A white spigot piece is used for her to hold it; unfortunately she falls over while doing so. I will secure her to a plate later so we can see her "spin" fire!

Claire has lovely medium azure hair in the same rubbery texture and style as Disney's Belle (in dark brown). A purple and gold mystical amulet on her forehead complements her Lavender eyes. The magenta, gold and aqua feathered strapless top also extends with back printing. The jagged angles skirt matches in magenta and aqua. Her magenta sandals have a gold tear shape like her amulet. She wears this same outfit in Magical Caravan 41688.
She also wears a jagged-edge waist skirt cape that is shimmery iridescent reflective and colorful on one side, and magenta on the underside.

A glow-in-the-dark "white glow" voodoo ball tops the Sign Post with directional arrows to the Ferris Wheel, and the Magical Caravan fortune telling. A helium balloon stand, then a counter with Magic Playing Cards and Magic Bunny in a Tophat are the first small builds.

The Pendulum Ride is built first and it spins nicely. Glow white voodoo ball and flat 1x1 round tiles for decoration add fun for night time viewing!

A white cross axle extension Technic part is turned to spin the contraption between the dark purple A-mast stanchion parts that are only in Friends sets.

A breakdown of the construction using the specially designed for Magical Funfair 11x11 circle beams in cool yellow. You can see the red cross axle parts fit into the hash spaces in the circle beams. The foot stud section attaches via Technic pins.

Camila's gold vest with detailed lapels is over a teal ensemble -- with gold waist chains that bring out the gold stardust of her purple boots. Her hair piece is hard plastic, and only in this set as magenta. This is the same top from Magical Funfair Stalls with the teal pants as Mia in Magical Caravan 41688.
Her cape is long and has a reflective iridescent shimmery side, with magenta underneath.

The Magic Chest has a question mark decorated shimmery top panel that opens to reveal -- either nothing -- or a heart-shaped jewel ... depending on which side the black knob is pushed to under the backside. It moves 2 shelf compartments along a 2x8 smooth tile inside.
Of course it needs Camila's gold magic wand to do so!

Next her magic wand makes Stella appear to disappear inside a frame cavity -- behind a black "false" frame's solid panel.

The front of the disappearing cabinet has swirly portal stickers framed in lights. The adjustable hinged audience seats section has balloons attached. The magic chest knob is set to "reveal" for the next show.

Building the Bigtop Tent stage, we add splat gears for a revolving center platform.
The 4x4x1 bow 1/4 circle curve bricks in cool yellow are only in this set.

Two rotating panels with posters for Claire's Fire-breathing act, and Camila's card tricks are installed -- along with framing to support the tent section.
You can see the green splat gear that is used to turn the larger blue gear inside for the center to rotate. The shimmery poster panels are rotated manually.

The center support section allows for the papery-fabric tent panels to attach via grey balls with shafts.

Inside, the poster panels are very reflective and magical!

Now we build the tent topper of a Magician's Hat with a Rabbit that pops out!
The yellow Technic beam inside is what pushes the funny bunny with carrot up when the black Technic lever is pushed sideways.

With the front's larger tent panel and Magician's Hat added -- it's quite a lovely circus tent. The playing cards attached to the hat's front are stickers that are shimmery. They are much more pleasing in person.
The front of the performing area gets a cool yellow star with teal heart.

A long white Technic beam provides excellent support and stability for moving it around, and play -- of course.

A side tent for selling Popcorn and silly photos snapped while fair attendees are riding the roller coaster. There is a camera monitor on the left inside. I love the brick-built Bag of Popcorn sign! Both tent's large top 8x4x6 half cone part is rare in dark purple -- only in Friends and Disney's Rapunzel. This tent's front 2x6x6 1/2 circle wall (arch) part in dark purple is only in this set.

Another side tent for performers to freshen up their make-up (or face paints) and hair brush, along with a mirror. The black inkwell piece's hole can hold the purple magician's hat underside shaft/pin.
An upper shelf is where the juggling pins are stored. The side 1/4 circle walls in dark purple are rare.

The Bigtop Tent with side tents attached makes for a fun circus arena on its own.

Stella is practicing her fire-ring performance.

Andrea has a shimmery blue heart face-paint on her cheek for the funfair; along with a slight quizzing brow that is new. She wears a magenta tuxedo jacket with a teal vest that has detailed gold stitching and a gold bow tie. Her navy boots also have gold details with a heart motif.
Her hair piece in dark brown is only in this set; in 3 other sets it's black. This is probably the first time she has not had a rubbery hair piece. She wears it well -- the front French braid blended with additional braids into a ponytail -- certainly suits her style.

The 4x4 chassis for rail in medium azure is only in Friends; otherwise it comes in several colors across the product array.

Dark purple tiles are added all around for a Bunny roller coaster ride with a glow-in-the-dark tail!

The first segment of track using black and white rail section parts (of which in these colors are only in this set) is the pedestrian crossing gate entrance. Glow white voodoo balls light the way on the side posts in darkness.

One rail archway support has a camera to catch that perfect (or not) moment for you to purchase at the Popcorn booth.

Complete roller coaster rail track. So, as you come around the bend from the top ... BOOM! ... the bunny ears hit that swing arm and the camera takes your picture! Then after passing through the next archway, you are still seeing *stars* from that encounter. Ha ha!
The teal archways resemble bunny hutches, and you can see the other bunny ride carriage is magenta. The glowy tails are fun, and surely even more-so in the dark!

Box front:
Showing the Magical Funfair taking place in a forest area near HLC, the Ferris Wheel (41689) is in the background, along with the sun setting on the mountains.
Several moving functions and "magic" tricks are highlighted. The upper right corner BFF heart inset with all 5 core Friends in their sub-theme outfits is the last time one appears on boxes; in 2022 the inset is removed to make Friends less "girly" for diversity.

This set has all 3 of the Magical Funfair mini-dolls, along with Andrea.

Box back:
Shows the Big Tent magic Rabbit in a Top Hat function, along with insides of the side tents. The various "magic" tricks are showcased, as well as the Pendulum Ride functions.

Contents: 8 parts bags (with additional small #3), 2 soft bags with rail parts, tent canopy panels in separate wrap on cardboard, and 4 instructions booklets in wrap with sticker sheet.

For all the parts list, see the page on LEGO.com, instructions book #1

Iridescent stickers that change colors with every viewing angle and are very lovely in person.

One last look at the Magical Funfair Roller Coaster before the show begins!

On the center stage where Camila is, you can put either the magic playing cards counter (in photo), or the disappearing cabinet, or the magic compartment chest onto the white center stud tiles. That way you can decide the performance.
There isn't a specific indication what the rotating round white plate in the back of the stage is for; it's up to your own imagination. Perhaps Stella can rotate while twirling fire.

Fun fact: Hidden inside the build of the Bunny coaster cars under the rider seat are orange and green plates :-)


Far more fun building this set than anticipated. Surprises like the Bunny who pops out of the Tophat holding a brick-built carrot -- which you cannot see on the box art -- add to the charm of it.

Even though the set title is Roller Coaster -- the Bigtop Tent stage is the bulk of the construction. Which is fine, as there are some great building techniques to learn. Scalloping the stage footprint is just wonderful. The tent fabric is the papery "punch" fabric and works well.

With 4 separate instructions booklet, this would be a fun set to build as a family, or with friends.

The Pendulum Ride is executed well and interactive, yet it does seem a bit like a shoe-in. There is already a Magical Acrobatics set. I would rather have 2 more Bunny coaster cars (maybe in aqua, teal, or lavender) to be able to connect together. That way more Friends can join in, and the weight of 4 cars could propel it from the upper track slope downhill better that it does with just one. That would be more traditional.

For AFOLs, combining 2 of these sets could make for a nice event display. That way the circus tent could be fully round. Although the coaster car's chassis is too small to motorize inside, other options might exist. A chain pull connected to the track, or magnets using a maglev function -- just enough to get it going down the track.

Aside from those possibilities, for builders who re-build sets into their own creations -- this set has great parts in a nice variety of colors.

This set was provided by The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
Photographs are property of FriendsBricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.


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Great Review! It’s a shame we’ll probably never see the BFF heart ever again, it’s very sad to see that lego chose the anniversary to remover this important aspect. I think this set is very innovative and I enjoy the magic aspects of all these sets!! Look forward to your March sets review!

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