July 20, 2022

Review: 41717 Mia's Wildlife Rescue

Be careful, Joaquim. That's a scorpion you're photographing. Oh-oh...

Let's get a rescue going. We start with building the 4x4 rescue vehicle. The 2 x 2 x 2/3 curved slope recolored in coral is new for 2022 and in 2 other sets.

Here is the action mechanism to pop the scorpion out from its hiding spot. Hit it hard enough and the scorpion can go flying across the room.

Bag #1 finished. The fruits on the tree look yummy to the giraffe. We get a few extra pieces.

Mia is wearing a tan vest with lavender striped shirt. The printing of the orange scarf also goes around to her back. Her torso is new and found only in this set so far. She has olive green shorts and orange shoes matching her scarf.

The giraffe is new and currently exclusive to this set. It is a good 12 bricks tall. It is big enough to get stuck in the box when I poured out the contents that I thought I was missing a giraffe.

The zebra is also new and exclusive to this set. It is stripey.

Welcome to bag #2. The 2 x 2 x 1 corner panels in dark turquoise are a new recolor for 2022.

We get to meet Dr. Makena in bag #2 too. She is new. She is wearing a bright light blue vest, a coral shirt, olive green pants, and tan shoes. Her long black braided hair is new and in one other set. Her torso and legs are only in this set.

Bag #2 complete. Nougat, coral, and sand green is an interesting color combination. There are several stickers to apply like an ant farm. There are only 3 extra pieces.

Moving on up to bag #3. We see the new 1 x 6 x 6 transclear window glass piece on the upper floor. It is new and only in this set. It gives a much bigger view than the 1 x 4 x 6 window glass.

We also see Joaquim in bag #3. He is new too. He's wearing a tan vest, a white shirt, a coral scarf, sand blue pants and olive green shoes. His head is new and in 3 other sets. His torso and legs are only in this set so far.

At end of bag #3, we have part of the second floor. Like bag #2, there are 3 extra pieces.

Bag #4 is the final bag. We get new 2 x 6 bricks and 2 x 6 tiles in orange. The tiles are only in this set and the bricks can be found in 1 other set. They form a column structure for the building.

The rescue center is finished. There is a wash station, examination table, and parking on the ground floor. On the second floor is an outdoor sitting/storage area, microscope. computer console, and X-ray machine. There is a satellite dish and a red alert light. We have a few extra pieces.

The front of the box depicts the rescue center in the wild.

The back of the box shows the play features.

Here is the sticker sheet. There are a good number of small stickers to apply.


This 7+ set was a problem free build. The instructions were clear and easy to follow along. For the animal collectors, we have a new giraffe and zebra. There are unique pieces like the 6x6 window glass and orange 2x6 tiles. We get two new minidoll characters: Dr. Makena and Joaquim. There are many small stickers to improve one's sticker application skills with. It is a good set to go with the other animal rescue sets.

Joaquim was not harmed by scorpion but he gets a checkup just the same. Oh-oh, the X-ray machine seems to be malfunctioning.

Thanks for reading.

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