July 1, 2022

Review: 41708 Roller Disco Arcade


Hey friends, what's up? We're rolling on down to the Roller Disco Arcade. Come join us there.

To start the ball rolling, we build the bowling equipment and Jackson's wheel chair.

Jackson is wearing a red jacket with white sleeves and a sand blue t-shirt underneath. It's new for 2022 and in one other set (41703). His blue pants are new and in 3 other sets. His head is also new and in one other set (41703).

To keep things tidy, we have a trash can under the tree. The coral color trash can is new and in 3 other sets. The 2x2 coral radar dish is new and in 2 other sets.

Next we build the bowling alley. It has a nice storage space for the bowling pins in the back. The 1x5x4 and 1x8x2 dark purple arches are new and only in this set. The sub sandwich looks tasty.

Bag #1 completed. We have a few extra small pieces. Will Jackson bowl or eat the sandwich first?

Evelyn is in bag #2. She has a new for 2022 dark azure hairdo. Her head with the lightning is only in this set for now. She is wearing a sleeveless top with lightning bolts. It's new and in one other set (41704). Her sand blue skirt with black shoes combo is also new and in one other set (41704).

Next we now build the arcade side. The dark turquoise 5x5 round plate with cutout is new for 2022. The 1x12 dark purple brick is new too and in one other set (41704). Currently making an appearance only in this set are 1x4x6 trans-neon green glass.

Finishing bag #2, we have the arcade section connected to the bowling alley. The 1x4 tile recolored in neon yellow is new and in one other set. The transparent colored 1x2 bricks looks pretty nice with the light going through them.

We find Andrea in bag #3. I think this is the first time we see her with her hair up in a set. Her hairdo is new for 2022 and only in this set. She is wearing a dark turquoise halter top with a dark blue skirt and magenta boots.

Rolling along, we have the mechanism of the roller skating rink. It uses 3 geared plates to spin. The recolored 1x6 tiles and 4x4 macaroni tiles are new in neon yellow. The transparent colored 1x2 plates give a disco era accent.

Bag #3 done. We connect the rink section to the center bowling alley section. Not too many pieces are spare.

Boogie-ing to bag #4, we put up the windows and storage lockers on the rink section. The 2x3x2 cupboards are new in blue.

Building around the perimeter, we get to do the doors. The 1x6x6 window frame and 1x3x6 in dark turquoise are new and in one other set. We have wheel chair and roller skate accessible ramp at the entrance.

Bag #4 completed. One more to go.

In bag #5, the 38L rigid hoses are newly recolored in yellow and only in this set. I like the brick build signage. Clever use of the egg piece for the bowling pin. We get some extra printed soda can cap and keypad tile pieces.

There is a spot to hold your smart phone on the top of the bowling alley. I don't recall having smart phones in the disco era.

The front of the box shows Andrea and Evelyn roller skating to disco music and Jackson having a ball by the bowling alley.

The back of the box shows the many play features.

Here is the sticker sheet. It came crinkled but that didn't affect the stickers from sticking flat to the pieces.

The instruction book uses white with lavender outlined bricks instead of purple with Heartlake City backdrop.


This 7+ set has a straight forward build without any hiccups. The brick build signage is clever. The building is wheel chair accessible. The bowling alley is functional and somewhat hard to get a strike.

For the AFOL, this set can be a fun trip down memory lane if you have roller skated to disco music, played arcade games, bowling, air hockey. The trans-neon green glass are useful in sci-fi space MOCs. There are unique dark turquoise doors and frame, long yellow flex tubes, and new hair pieces.

Overall, it is fun to build and play.

Jackson likes engineering projects. He engineered a more disco vibe to the place. Can't go wrong with a disco ball?

Thanks for reading.

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