April 17, 2022

Review: 41697 Turtle Protection Vehicle


Alert, alert, alert. A large crab is approaching a newly hatched turtle. Location HeartLake beach.

Let's start building a rescue plan. Layla and Emma are ready to assist. Layla will approach by sea and Emma by land.

Layla who was previously cruising on a canal houseboat, is now sporting a new dark turquoise wetsuit. It has a nice wavy pattern in the front and plain in the back. She has a white skirt to coordinate with the white patterns on her wetsuit.

Emma is wearing the same white vest and undershirt as she did in vet clinic ambulance. This time she is paired with a dark pink skirt.

Next we build the ATV. Lyla is holding a 2 x 1 x 2/3 neon yellow curved slope. The neon yellow recolor is new for 2022 and only available in this set at the time of writing.

With helping hands, the ATV is quickly done. It features a front bush guard and tow hitch in the rear. It's carrying a feeding bottle and syringe. The syringe pointy end is facing rear so that the rider doesn't get a nasty surprise in their rear. Safety first.

Following behind is the trailer. The recolored 2 x 2 x 1 corner panels in dark turquoise can be found in one other set.

The trailer is quite simple. The 2 x 3 inverse slope bottom allows it to go over rough terrain without getting caught. There is room to secure one animal on the single stud.

Finally we get to build the beach scene. The tree is cleverly attached using a Technic connector. There is a turtle crossing sign. We also get a few extra pieces.

We get three animals with this set. The baby turtle has a heart on its shell, that's cute. The crab has a spot for minidoll (or minifigure) hand to grab.

The front of the box has Emma and Layla with Emma helping a baby turtle. In background are some homes near the waterfront. There is no BFF heart in the upper right corner.

The back of the box shows some of the play possibilities. Do note that the surf board does not float on real water. Using imagination water is fine.

There are only three stickers to apply. The parts list can be found here.


This is a quick and straight forward set to build. Theoretically, it could be divided up so that two or three people can build a small part of it. Each part can be played with before the other is done.

For AFOLs, this can be a fun set for a blind speed build event at an AFOL convention. It is not too many pieces and the pieces are different enough to tell apart by touch. The very small number of stickers to apply could appeal to some.

Overall, it is an inexpensive set to get three animals and Layla into your collection.

Layla saved the day with her surf board.

It's interesting to see LEGO imitating real life. I came across a turtle protection on my ride to work.

Thank you for reading.

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So cute! I think we picked this one up recently! Couldn't resist those turtles!

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