April 16, 2021

Review: 41445 Vet Clinic Ambulance

Get help. Little kitten has fallen down.

First we build the ambulance. Bag #1 gets us to this point with these extra left-over pieces.

Some parts to note. The coral plates 1x4 are new with this set. The medium azure plates 2x6 double round corner can be found in 3 other sets.

In bag #2, the light aqua wedge 3x4x2/3 triple curved was in 1 other set from 2011. The medium azure wedge 4x6x2/3 triple curved are in 2 other sets.

We finish ambulance at the end of bag #2. These are the spare pieces.

The ambulance opens up for play and display. I like all places to clip the accessories, even the steering wheel is clipped on. There is a hidden storage compartment under the examination table. The feline x-ray is cute. <3

In bag #3, the dark turquoise (teal) round corner plate 3x3 with 2x2 cutout is unique to this set. The medium nougat half cylinders 2x4x5 with 1x2 cutout are new. The bright green modified plates 4x4 with curved cutout are also new. The dark purple plates 2x6 double round corner are in 1 other set. The dark pink ladder and dark azure round plate 8x8 rounded end can be found in 3 other sets. The dark orange arch 1x4 are in 4 other sets.

Purr-fect, the cat tree house is built. The tree house has many cat friendly features like a fur brush, treats, things to climb and places to hide to take a cat nap. Plus it is a giant scratching post! There is a working dangerous spinning water rapids and a lift basket.

Olivia and Emma are the minidolls in this set. Olivia is wearing a shimmering blue vest, dark pink shirt with ghost graphics and light yellow skirt. I wonder if those are PacMan ghosts? She wore that outfit before in Olivia's Flower Garden.
Emma has a vest and shirt with the Vet Clinic Rescue logos. She is wearing the same light aqua skirt in 41086.

Here are the three animals. The cat and kitten appear to be new with this set and very adorable.

The box front shows Emma examining the bunny while Olivia pulls the kitten up and away from the swirling water rapids below.

The back of the box shows the play features and the two main Friends.

The sticker sheet came slightly bent out of the box. There are 13 stickers to apply and they stick just fine.

The parts list can be found in the back of the instruction booklet.

Kitten is rushed off to the Vet Clinic for treatment. Get well soon.


Overall, this is a fun set to build. The new ambulance is larger than the 41086 ambulance from 2015. It can fit two minidolls. Together with the tree house, they provide an array of imaginative play opportunities.  It has some parts unique to the set at the time of writing. I recommend this set for cat lovers. The new cats are adorable and a nice addition to an animal collection.

Thanks for reading.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely love this set! You're right, it is a must for cat lovers, me being one of them. I'm so happy Lego finally did some new cat colors and gave us the new kitten mold. I also appreciate there being a few sets with cats this time around. I hope this keeps up. I will definitely be purchasing this and the other cat sets. Love them all! Thank you for another great review.

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