April 5, 2021

Review: 41442 Vet Clinic Rescue Buggy

Oh no, a powerful gust of wind has blown the tree over, trapping Stephanie's puppy. 

Oh no, we'll have to build a rescue with un-numbered bags in this set. (Those who don't like numbered bags will like this.)

First we build the quad bike. The first sticker goes on the bike. Stephanie, please apply with your steady hand...

The quad bike is a straight forward build. It has a walkie-talkie with heart shaped speaker, a baby animal bottle, and a tow chain. The stickers on the sides show it is a Vet Clinic vehicle. We now have a playable vehicle. Do we play or continue building? Vroom, vroom...

Andrea and Stephanie are the mini-dolls in this set. Andrea's torso is new. She's wearing a shiny gold vest with the Vet logo. Underneath she has a magenta top with heart prints. Her teal pants are available in one other set (41446). Stephanie's torso is also new. She's wearing a shiny silver vest with her S monogram. Her skirt can be found in one other set (41692).

Next we build the picnic scene. Stephanie and Andrea, please keep working. Lunch break will be shortly.

We have some Technic pieces for part of the play features. I like that it's a good way to learn to use Technic parts for circular motion.

The picnic scene is done. I like how the waterfall and mountain are compressed into a small space. The sandwich has a sticker for the yummy grilled marks. There is a bone for Stephanie's puppy.

A couple of pieces to note. The dark azure 1x2x1 curved slope is available in two other sets. The green 3x3 heart plate can be found in three other sets.

These are the extra pieces. I can use more heart tiles.

Andrea is using her quad bike and chain to rescue Stephanie's puppy. The four wheel drive gives her the traction needed to remove the tree. Yay, puppy is freed.

A closer look of the new for 2021 white puppy with black spots. It can be found in one other set (41443). Isn't it adorable?

The box front shows Andrea pulling a tree with her quad bike while Stephanie is enjoying her drink.

The back shows the Andrea, Stephanie and her puppy having a picnic, another view of the quad bike, and a play feature.

There are only a few stickers to apply.

The parts list in the back of the building instructions booklet.


Overall, this is a nice little play set. The quad bike is useable. The picnic scene provides different play scenarios. The build is not complicated. It could be a fun set for a blind speed build contest at AFOL conventions.

I recommend this set for parents and AFOLs with kids. It makes a great birthday party gift or loot bag. You get two mini-dolls and a puppy for the price. It is a good addition to 41446 Heartlake Vet Clinic and 41445 Vet Clinic Ambulance collection as the quad bike can reach places that the ambulance can't.

Andrea is taking the puppy to the Vet Clinic for Dr. Donna to check over. Stephanie will have to walk since there isn't room on the quad bike.

Thanks for reading.

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