May 10, 2022

Review: 41718 Pet Day-Care Center

Have to go to work or school? Don't leave your pets home alone. Drop them off at the Pet Day-Care Center.

Cat ear-ed Emma is ready to look after your pets. She's wearing a coral and lavender top with a happy cat print. Her medium lavender skirt and white shoes with coral soles can be found in one other set (41450).

Helping Emma is her little step-brother Henry. Henry has a dark turquoise sweater and sand blue pants micro-doll body.

To start things rolling, first we assemble an orange skateboard and some orange cones.

Next we build a cat tree/tower for the cat.

More small builds. A splash down pool, hurdle, and skateboard ramp.

Finishing bag #1, we build a dog training ramp. The orange 2 x 3 tiles with clips are new and in one other set. The bright light orange 2 x 4 double jumper plate is new and available in 3 other sets.

All the builds of bag #1 together. Which one would you play first?

We get a brick separator and some extra pieces. I like having an extra cat ears.

Onwards to bag #2, River is wearing a red plaid shirt with a white undershirt. It is new and in one other set (41703). He has black pants and sand blue shoes.

Next we build the wagon. The white Technic pneumatic T-connector makes a good handle bar. It can be twisted to meet up with the mini-doll's hand.

Here we have the doggie area. The dog is named Cookie. The medium azure 3 x 3 macroni tiles are new and in one other set. Oh look, there's a chocolate cupcake.

You can tell this is a good sanitation day-care. There is a poop cleaning log. We add an aquarium. Fishes are pets too and go to day-care? Here we also see the lounge area being built. The dark turquoise 2 x 4 oval tile is new and in one other set.

Bag #2 is finished. The lounge area has a comfy sofa. I like the lower cushions using curved pieces. The rabbit appears to be named Twister.

I think Twister wants that carrot. We get an extra chocolate cupcake.

We find Priyanka in bag #3. She is a new mini-doll in new medium brown and in one other set (41699). Her 2 buns black hair is new and in two other sets. She is wearing an exclusive to this set coral blouse with yellow collar. Her white shorts and yellow shoes are also new and in one other set.

We start putting up windows and walls. The dark purple 1 x 2 brick with studs on side are new and in one other set.

There is a bit of a mixed up in the printed instruction booklet. Step 47 should be 48 and vice versa. The online manual is corrected.

Here we build the front entrance. There are 2 doors for mini-dolls and an animal entrance. It is neat how dog bones are used for door handles.

Another sub-section build, corner area for the hamster named Rumble. There is a water feeder bottle.

With the sub-section builds connected, we can start work on the second floor. The lavender 4 x 8 round half plate is new and only in this set.

Bag #3 completed. Priyanka is holding a broccoli. The ice cream scoop piece in dark green is available in one other set.

We start bag #4 with a splash. The yellow slide cleverly ends in a dog bone shaped pool.

Some more wall building. The bright pink 1 x 2 bricks with studs on side are new and in two other sets. On the other side of the wall is a 1 x 2 - 2 x 2 inverted bracket which is also new and in two other sets.

Now we get to attach one of the new trans-dark pink straight cylinder tube. It is new and exclusive to this set.

Bag #4 completed. We see the colorful walls taking shape with SNOT bricks.  Not to many extra pieces.

Bag #5 is the last bag. We add some dark turquoise trim. The dark turquoise 1 x 6 plate is new and in four other sets. The dark turquoise 5 x 5 round corner plate with 4 x 4 is new and found only in this set.

Bag #5 done. The cute sign has some new parts. The light aqua 6 x 8 round tile is new and exclusive to this set. The tan 3 x 3 round tile is new and in two other sets. The curved 45 degree cylinder tubes are newly recolored in trans-dark pink and exclusive to this set.

On the left side of the second floor is a bathing and grooming area with a view. There is also a solar panel providing renewable energy. We see the cat is named Chico. There is a treat dispenser to the right.

Let's take a closer look at the animals. We have Rumble the hamster, Twister the rabbit, Chico the cat, and Cookie the Scottish Terrier dog. Aren't they a cute bunch? The dog is new and only in this set.

Here is a look at the front of the box. We see the day-care in a green space area of Heartlake City. The main characters are on the bottom right.

The back of the box shows the play features. Is the hamster able to eat that whole carrot?

Here is the sticker sheet. There are 17 to apply.

The tube slide is my favorite part. Looks like everyone else's too. There is a line up to ride it.


This is a fun colorful 7+ set to build. The color palette is diverse like the characters and animals. The slides are fun to play with. There are many things to keep the pets busy while their people are at work or school.

For the AFOL, we get new characters like Priyanka and a Scottish Terrier. There are new pieces like the cylinder tubes which can be repurposed for MOCs.

Overall, it is a great play set.

I think they're going to need a bigger aquarium. Mia would like to drop off her pets at the day-care.

Thanks for reading!

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