August 23, 2022

Review: 41710 Surfer Beach Fun

It's a nice day to have some sun and fun on the beach.

First bit of fun, we build the cute unicorn float. It has space to seat two.

Bag #1 has the watercrafts. With the unicorn float, Koa can give Maya windsurfing instructions. The plastic sail piece with the sun is new for 2022. We see the extra pieces from bag #1.

Koa is a new. He's wearing a coral shirt with a white undershirt. He has dark turquoise pants with dark blue sandals. His head, torso, and legs are new and currently only in this set.

Here's Maya. She is wearing a medium azure shirt with a crab print and matching skorts and shoes. Her micro-body is new and currently only in this set.

Sailing onwards to bag #2. After some fun in the water, it is time to shower off. The shower stall uses a new for 2022 white 1x2 plate with vertical clip to hold the brush.

The rental shop and surf school is open 8 to 20 (8am to 8pm). We can see a couple newly recolored parts. The lavender 1x1 brick with handle is only in this set. The lime 2x12 plate can be found in one other set.

We load up the shop with detail parts. Coral recolored helmet and yellow recolored 2x2x2 containers are new and found in 1 other set.

Bag #2 done. The white 4x4 rounded corner tile for the building sign is new and found in 1 other set. We have some nice extra pieces like strawberry and orange 1x1 round printed tiles. Hopefully somebody buys that popsicle on the counter before it melts away.

Bag #3 supports the lifeguard watch tower. The medium nougat recolored 1x6x5 girder are new and only in this set.

More of the beach is built. We have a neat brick build sand sea turtle. The tan 8x8 plate with rounded end is new and found in 1 other set.

Here is the completed lifeguard watch tower with beach and surf. There are flags to indicate wave conditions and a life saver for rescue. Did the turtle build the sand turtle?

Here is a close-up of Stephanie. She is wearing a white and medium azure top and skirt. She has magenta shoes and a whistle to warn swimmers. Her torso and legs are new and only in this set.

Here's our sand builder turtle. Turtles seem good at digging in sand.

Let's take a look at the box. Here is the front with the beach scene and our 3 main characters on the bottom right corner. Note: unicorn and sailboard do not float.

The back shows the play features. Koa got the popiscle before it melted.

Here is the sticker sheet. There are 11 stickers to apply.


Overall, this is a good summer fun 288 piece set. It can be divided up into a shared build for 2 to 3 persons; each person taking on an instruction booklet or bag. It is packed with details and features. We get a cute unicorn floatie and 2 minidolls and 1 microdoll with new outfits.

It can be combined with the new 41712 recycle truck for a clean and safe fun beach.

Thanks for reading.

This set was provided by The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
Photographs are property of FriendsBricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.

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