August 2, 2022

Review: DOTS 41960 Big Box

DOTS Big Box decorated my way! The box top is a great way to change your room decor any time you want -- just use the handy heart-shaped Lavender tile remover -- and start over.

Use it to store stuff or secure items for a day trip.

Used for the box top: a rare 16x16 brick 4/3 with 4.85 sized holes on sides -- newly recolored in Lavender for 2022. It looks like a regular baseplate on the back of the set box -- so I was curious how it could secure to the Box.

The underside is interesting -- with a center section protruding -- which provides support when pressing tiles onto the top studs.

The top has rows of hollow studs on all edges; this is converse of the space for side holes.

Another look at the underside and its details. Here you can see why it has the "4/3" designation of the recess.

Getting on to the build aspect: Starting with black corner bricks on the rare 16x16 Aqua baseplate, we stack them for solid box corners; adding the black wall panels in between.
To secure the alignment and finish off the box rim -- we use newly recolored in Aqua 1x8 tiles and rare'ish 1x3 tiles. Also recolored in Aqua and only in this set are 1x4 plate (tile) with 2 knobs; which will help secure the Lid.

The finished box bottom is lovely. It could also make a nice shadow-box for display.

Now on to the box top/lid construction: using dark gray Technic bush friction pieces into 3 side holes, we secure the newly recolored in Lavender 2x16 plates to the knob end of them.

Those plates protrude slightly, which provides a wee bit of secure edge for tile profiles.

Big Box is ready for stuff and to decorate! I do think smooth tiles inside for the bottom would be nice.

It's a snug fit/connection and can be picked up by the top with the bottom staying on securely.

Choices for your own Top decoration design:

New and Rare tiles:

- Vibrant yellow 1/4 circle tile (x32) is in only 3 other sets

- Vibrant yellow 2x2 bow (curvy) tiles (x24) are only in 1 other set

- Light nougat 1/4 circle tiles (x32) are in only in one other set

- Light nougat 2x2 bow (curvy) tiles (x24) are only in this set - so far

The Aqua, Vibrant Coral, White, Black, and dark Purple tiles are not rare and appear in many sets. Aqua and purple curvy are 24 count; 1/4 circle aqua are 32, white and coral 1/4 are both 48 count, and black is 96.

My own design decorated box; I really enjoyed trying to create an interesting graphic within the 16x16 footprint.

I tried to work-in the 1/4 circle black tiles to coordinate with the box bottom -- yet they dominated over my pastel choice.

A straight overview of my pattern, and how it looks as a box lid.

Box front: First of all, it's a "box" rather than the typical plastic tray with lid like the first DOTS sets. Even though several other DOTS sets do come in boxes, they are mostly large quantities of tiles. This is a room decor item.

Contents: 5 non-numbered clear poly bags (1 large bag with black side wall panels and black corner bricks, plus small baggie of black 1/4 circle tiles) smaller bags with tiles separated by colors; 1 soft bag with rare 16x16 Aqua baseplate, new 2x16 Lavender plates, plus dark gray Technic bush friction with knob pieces; a rare heart-shaped tile remover tool; and one loose 16x16 brick 4/3 with 4.85 sized holes on sides in Lavender.

Box back:
Shows all the parts with number of each included in this box set -- that you build then use to decorate it your own way.

Also 2 paper pamphlets with instructions and decor pattern ideas on one, and more sample DOTS tile designs with an ad for the DOTS 41950 Lettering set on the other.

One more look at MY Big Box.


For me, this is quintessential DOTS because it's a very useful desk, office, side table, or any room decor item. Being able to customize its appearance is exactly what this theme brought to the LEGO lifestyle.

Thoughts on improving it as a set: some large tiles to make the interior bottom smooth and easy to clean; and some 1x1 or 2x2 round tiles (perhaps in black and/or white, rather than the 1/4 circle). I will most likely re-decorate mine with 2x2 squares like I did my Recipe Box. It will be easier to wipe dust off.

The use of wall panel elements makes a solid, secure box -- while also being lightweight enough to use. This is a pretty functional addition to the DOTS lineup!

This set was provided by The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
Photographs are property of FriendsBricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.


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