August 12, 2022

Review: 41712 Recycling Truck

Little raccoon is a little too late. The waste-management crew has gotten to the trash cans first.

First we assemble the trash cans on a piece of beach. The neon yellow recolored trash can is new and only in this set.

Next we build the containers for the recycling truck. Coral one is for glass, lime one is for food, and neon yellow one is for paper. The neon yellow recolored 4 x 6 plate is new and only in this set.

Book #1 done. We have Emma with the trash grabber. a sign to put trash in its proper place for a happy crab, and some extra pieces like the neon yellow 2 x 2 radar dish which is found in one other set. Which trash can does the raccoon want?

Here's Emma. She's wearing a new neon yellow safety vest over a medium lavender and white shirt. It's exclusive to this set. Her white pants and black work boots can found in 1 other set.

We've seen the cute raccoon before. He is recycled from our review of  41681 Forest Camper Van and Sailboat.

We start building the truck in book #2. We can see it has a battery with 3 bars left. Electric power is a good fit for a work truck performing a lot stop and go pickup of trash in the city.

This is the functional mechanism for lifting and dumping the trashcans into the containers. It's made mostly of Technic pieces.

At the end of book #2, we have the bottom half of the truck done. It can seat two mini-dolls. The way the containers will be attached to the truck bed is similar to the 4206 CITY Recycling Truck from ten years ago. There are a few extra pieces.

Here's River. He is also wearing a new neon yellow safety vest over a red and white striped shirt. He has sand blue pants and medium nougat work boots.

In book #3, we work on the upper parts of the truck. Roller skates for the door handle is nice part usage.

I don't think the truck will go very far without wheels. The coral recolored wheels are new and currently exclusive to this set.

The recycling truck is done. The 1x1 round tile with electric plug emblem is a printed piece. There is storage underneath for a broom and shovel. It looks a bit empty without the containers. We should fix that.

Let's see how the dump mechanism works. Attach trash cans at an angle for a good dump of the trash into the containers.

Here is a look at the front of the box. We see the recycling truck by the beach with River picking up trash with a grabber. Emma is operating the dumper while the raccoon is eyeing all that yummy organic goodies falling out.

The back of the box shows the play features. There are two tabs to break to get to the goodies inside.

Here's a close look at the sticker sheet. There are seven stickers to apply.


Overall, this is a fun little set to build and play waste-management. The dumping mechanism works well. We get a few new neon yellow pieces. The mini-dolls have proper work clothes and can be used for other jobs like road work. The recycle truck is a nice addition to Heartlake City public works to go around collecting the trash.

Little raccoon is smart and calls for some assistance to break into the lime green trashcan before the recycling truck comes around again.

Thanks for reading.

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