April 30, 2019

40360 LEGO Friends Name Sign Review

Friends fans have been spoiled with decor items for years, and this new-for-2019 90-piece LEGO® Friends 40360 Name Sign gets added to the array. Being customizable makes it even better for more LEGO Lifestyle!
The box front shows the options for personalizing the sign with stickers-on-tiles. Because it's a small box, there are no classic Friends flanges.

Back of the box has a back of the sign inset. Andrea does not come with this set; however the parts are in her signature colors. She's here to give you an idea of the box size.  When seeing it online, for some reason I thought it would be bigger.

Box contents: white 8x16 baseplate, 23-page instructions booklet, 3 identical sticker sheets, a small bag of parts and a bigger bag of parts.  Note: product description on LEGO shop site says 2 sticker sheets -- so I may have received an extra in my box.

Box top gives us our "actual" parts size ratio with Andrea's heart in flame yellowish orange of 2 coupling plates connected. Again, Andrea does not come with this set -- yet just helping us see the box size.
Okay, okay ... maybe I do love her racing outfit with the Teal sleeve; since we get some lovely Teal curvy tiles in this box, she is glad to help.

Biggest bag of parts:
Nothing unique, yet rare Teal 4x4 curvy tile with bow -- in only 4 sets

Small bag of parts:
1x4 plate with only 2 knobs in Magenta (Bright Reddish Violet) is only in 3 sets

2x2 corner plate with 45-degree cut in Magenta in only 3 sets

2x2 curvy tile with bow in Magenta becoming less rare due to TLM2; in only 4 Friends sets out of 8 total sets it's found

Building is quite straight forward and quick. Here is the main sign just before the top arch is connected.
You could have just the white plates with Teal tiles in the elongated oval shape as a sign to hang. Yet, past that stage of building the black plates onto other bricks help create the depth of the object to be equal across, so it can be laid flat to decorated.
My photo was taken before adding the second round white tile with center stud on the left -- they are where the hearts attach. Otherwise they aren't needed for build stability.  The grey round plates on the back hold it together well.

Back of the sign shows the 2 white coupling plates as "hangers" with Magenta 2x2 plate and smooth dark grey inverted tiles which serves as a base when setting on a table to decorate. That is also what the dark grey 2x4 brick is for -- behind the flame yellowish orange arch (which I had thought look strange in the product photo before acquiring this set). It looks as if a mere plate would be enough to support that arch, yet it allows for equalizing the entire sign so pressure can be applied when adding clip bricks, tiles, etc., to the front.
The easel is retracted to flat in this image -- you'll see more in another photo.

Here is the front of the sign decorated per instructions. Now you can see why being able to lay it flat with overall support is important.
This confirms an Andrea style -- as it basically mirrors her Talent Show design.

The easel is built in 2 sections, requiring a firm push to *snap* the side-by-side ball and joint sockets; then attached to the back. Now we can set the sign at an upright angle for a desk. Collapse it again for hanging flat on a wall.
So, the 4 dark grey tiles, 1 aqua 2x2 tile, grey half circle plate, and 2x4 dark grey brick are what makes contact with a surface you set it onto.

Let's look again at the pretty front -- after having looked at the utilitarian back.

The lovely shiny Teal curvy tiles evoke a Mardi Gras vibe for me -- and of course Andrea the bold! It looks like something you'd see mounted on the dressing room door of a Star!
Here are all 15 of the 2x2 Aqua tiles for adding stickers spelling out your name, plus choosing a few decorated ones. The sticker sheets have duplicates of common letters and are trans-clear so Aqua will show through.

The parts laid below this sticker sheet (the least crumpled in the box) are the "spare" parts.

When I said "least crumpled" sticker sheet, this is what I'm referring to; what I encountered upon opening my box. That sheet went promptly under a baseplate for rehabilitation.

Up close view of a sticker sheet shows the cute designs for decorating -- in each of the 5 Friends motifs, with a few smaller stickers for the Teal 1x2 tiles on top, and the smooth parts of the Magenta plates with only 2 knobs on the bottom.
As I already mentioned, they are printed on trans-clear, and will adhere fine -- even after being rolled a bit in the box.

Even though I didn't apply any to my sign (because I'm gonna "hack" this set and customize it), my aversion to stickers has recently lessened. I think it's because the newer ones seem more plasticy and less papery. They stay on well and are smoother -- nearly like printed; and the graphic designers do create beautiful art! Some re-useful graphics on stickered parts have made their way into my MOCs. So, there's that ...

Since my name isn't Cecilia, I'm not going to create this set as pictured on the box -- so here it is from the instructions booklet page on how to personalize.

My personalized Name Sign is the "S-sign" for the initial of my first name. I love using 2x2 curvy tiles! I couldn't fit my whole name, which is fine -- as I'm using this on my home desk (and everyone here knows my name ;-). As you can see, I removed the white coupling plates from the back, because I don't intend to hang mine. After removing the top arch for my streamlined shape, the 2x4 dark grey brick has merely been moved down one stud-row; because it really is needed for laying the sign flat and stable for decorating.

I've already thought of lots of other designs I want to create on this name sign "board" and can't wait for more 1x4 tiles in additional colors. Obviously I don't have any in Teal (yet) so I had to use 1x2s. It's not as smooth looking, yet I really wanted to use the set color of Teal for my border.

Two of my favorite flowers ... yeah for Spring! Changing the designs with the seasons will be fun!

Whether you want to hang this sign or set it on a desk, the basic design is solid and can be a springboard idea for other shapes. It's solid enough that a person could use a lanyard connected to the coupling plates holes as a funky Name Badge for a fan event ... it would be a conversation starter for sure!

Mine makes me smile :-) It brightens my desk.  It's a nice accessory set with a great parts selection. Unlike some past name signs and other accessories, everything in this set is re-usable -- which is what LEGO is all about!


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