April 23, 2019

LEGO Friends Summer 2019 set images

Official Summer 2019 Friends sets:

41379 Heartlake City Restaurant

41337 Underwater Loop

41373 Funny Octopus Ride

41374 Andrea's Pool Party

41375 Heartlake City Amusement Pier

 41381 Rescue Mission Boat

41376 Turtles Rescue Mission

41378 Dolphins Rescue Mission

41380 Lighthouse Rescue Center

41371 Mia's Horse Trailer

41372 Stephanie's Gymnastics Show

41362 Heartlake City Supermarket 4+ (Juniors) in the Friends brand

41382 Advent Calendar (see it in August ... )



Anonymous said...

Love set 41379 Heartlake City Restaurant because it has beautiful colors (not just the purple that is typically used for sets with Emma), and also because it contains two cat figures, which is a really important to me personally, since I only collect sets with cats in them :-). I will definitely be purchasing at least one of this set to add to my collection.

Xyra Silverleaf said...

Both of these sets are great. I like the restaurant because not only does it have two cats it has two boys! I don't have any of the Friends guys yet. The Undersea Loop has some fun and unique bricks - the oyster with pearl and fish. So much fun! Thank you for the sneak peek.

Anonymous said...

While I still really hate the new minidolls (I will NEVER get over that), I have to say that Lego did a pretty great job with this new wave of Summer 2019 sets. I really like how these sets have a wider variety of Lego molds and prints, including new animals such as the baby turtles and the new coral color pieces used in the marine animal rescue sets. I also think it's great that there are more interactive features and details compared to the wave of sets released earlier this year, which will allow for plenty of creative playtime/displays. Good job Lego for at least doing this much to improve the Lego Friends line. I might actually be tempted into buying a couple of these sets now... :)

-T.L., a TFOL who grew up with the old sets who may or may not still play with them on a weekly basis.

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