December 27, 2013

LEGO Friends 2013 Advent Calendar - Review

LEGO Friends 2013 Advent Calendar - Review
by Toni

Set # 41016
213 pieces
Released 2013

I thought it would be nice to share the Advent Calendar experience with those who
didn't get the set.

Box front

Box back

I'm a little bummed that the back of the box shows which days has what is inside.  It
should be a surprise!

Box inside

I've never had an advent calendar before so I was unaware of the neat display mat
inside.  I'll be saving that for future builds!

DAY 1:

We open up Day 1 and we get Stephanie!  There is also an advertisement showing off
some Friends sets.

Here's a closer look at Stephanie.  Her outfit is great.  This will add some variety to the
Friends clothing options!  The scarf and boots are a really nice touch.

DAY 2:

Day 2 is a snow mobile.  Not super fancy but creative small build.

DAY 3:

Day 3 is a lamp post.  We get four extra pieces.  I like the festive decoration.  This shows some efficient parts usage in an elegant build.  I can't wait to see everything all together.

DAY 4:

According to the Advent Calendar description on the LEGO website, this young
lady's name is Lily.  I really like this minidoll.  Her sweater is beautifully printed with
reindeer (although they look a little like moose to me, decide for yourself).  They even
made it look like she has a shirt underneath her sweater.  She is wearing a skirt with
matching leggings and awesome black boots.  I really love the attention LEGO gives to
their outfits.

DAY 5:

On Day 5 we get a vendor's stand.  I appreciate that they added the green and red "holly" decorations, otherwise this would be quite plain.  I hope we get something to put atop
the stand. We also get two extra pieces.

DAY 6:

That's it?  I looked at my boyfriend this morning, disappointed, and he said, "They can't all
be winners."  I suppose that's true but I'm still a bit bummed.  The jewels and 1x1 gold
round tiles are quite nice pieces.  I hope tomorrow is something a bit bigger.

DAY 7:

Day 7 brings us another vendor stand.  I like the leaf decoration and the blue sloped tile.  It's
nothing fancy but it's not disappointing like Day 6.

DAY 8:

Coffee, milk and pastries.  Day 8 is yummy.  We get four extra pieces, so you can make
another pastry!

DAY 9:

This seems to be some sort of display stand and container.  There are three extra pieces.  I hope we find out soon what these are for.

DAY 10:

I think we found what goes in the pink container from Day 9!  Some fun purple accessories
which are the same color from the Pet Salon and the Dolphin Cruiser.

DAY 11:

Cha ching!  Some LEGO money to go shopping at the vendor stands.  This is a bit lackluster, but I do like the 1x1 round pearl gold tiles (they make good doorknobs), one of which is
extra.  They will both fit in the purse with the $100 bill, but you have to squeeze it in.

DAY 12:

We are halfway there and today we get some presents!  The yellow one look a little like a cake, but the green one represents a present well.  There's an extra flower too.  Hopefully we
see a tree soon!

DAY 13:

Day 13 brings us the attachment to the snowmobile from Day 2.  You can put a present on it, but you can also put a minidoll on it because of the modified foot plate.

DAY 14:

It's a frozen water fountain.  What a cute detail using a crystal piece as an icicle.  There is an extra flower piece.

DAY 15:

Have a seat on the pretty blue bench.  This is a lovely mini build. I love the medium azure tiles.  There is an extra brown 1x1 round plate.

DAY 16:

It's Day 16 and we get two pairs of skates and flowers with some snow on one of them.  There are four extra pieces including an extra skate.

DAY 17:

Oh my goodness this MP3 docking station is so flippin' cute.  The 1x1 round plates look like speakers and the back even uses a telephone piece to act as a handle, reminiscent of a boombox!  We get one
extra 1x1 round plate.  Pump up the jams!

DAY 18:

This snowman has been working out!  The build is very sweet and comes with a rare purple beanie hat.  There are no extra pieces.

DAY 19:

Warm your hands by the fire.  This build is really neat as it uses the SNOT technique.  Everything except for the flame is upside down.  It is beautiful in it's simplicity.  There is an extra flame and brown
flower piece.

DAY 20:

O Christmas tree O Christmas tree!  This tree is adorable, but I think the 2x2 green cone is a little too big.  I think a 1x1 green cone would have worked and looked a little more proportional.  The tree topper
is very clever and we get an extra star to go with it.  There is also an extra round 1x1 trans pink plate.

DAY 21:

Day 21 brings us a music sheet for caroling.  I can't quite tell what the other piece is supposed to be, whether it's a flashlight, or a megaphone?  I honestly don't know.

Edit: ericjohn has told me in the comments that it appears to be a lantern!

DAY 22:

Day 22 is the perch that goes on the Christmas tree.  It's really cute by itself as a container, and will look nice in the tree.  There is an extra white round 1x1 plate.

DAY 23:

Squeek squeek.  We get a squirrel.  She goes in the perch for the tree that Day 22 brought us.  She is the same squirrel from set 41017 Squirrel's Tree House.  I wish she was a different color.  That would have
been nice.  But it is great to get an animal.  There is one extra bow.

DAY 24:

On the last day of the 2013 Advent Calendar we receive a beautifully wrapped blue present.  I'm
surprised there wasn't something a little more exciting, but the blue tiles are desirable.  Let's put
it under the tree.

Completed Build:

What a wonderful winter scene.  While some days were somewhat disappointing, when
it all is presented together, it is quite lovely.  I am please with the pieces and the quality of
the minidolls.  There is great playability presented and kept me on my toes all month.

Thank you for joining me for the 2013 Friends Advent Calendar.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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