June 24, 2014

LEGO Friends: Friends Are Forever DVD

 Good news for fans who enjoy LEGO Friends animated series! A LEGO Friends DVD (MSRP $14.99) will be released on August 26th in the US. The product details do not mention exactly what will be featured on the DVD, but since it will be 66 minutes long, I may be right in guessing it will contain three of the mini-movie episodes. Each mini-movie is exactly 22 minutes long.

Here are the first three mini movies that are available in various languages online as well as on DVD in some countries:

Episode 1: New Girl in Town
Episode 2: Stephanie's Surprise Party
Episode 3: Dolphin Cruise

Sometime soon this year, two more mini-movie episodes should be added to the series. Susan (aka LegoMyMamma) stumbled upon them and the lucky few of us got to watch them before the videos disappeared. I suppose we were not supposed to see them quite yet. Anyway, I hope it's okay to at least share the names of the new episodes we managed to find out:

Episode 4: Country Girls
Episode 5: Emma's Dilemma

My guess is the new DVD will feature Episodes 1-3. The mini movies can be watched online, but at the moment it is rather difficult to find all the entire episodes in one place, so I am certain some fans won't mind owning a LEGO Friends DVD.


Melissa Shenkman said...

So glad to hear there is a new episode airing soon. We have the first 4 on my DVR from when they aired on Disney Junior. I had no idea they were the ONLY 4 and was wondering why they stopped airing them. We cant wait for Emma's Dilemma - my daughters have watched the first 4 a gazillion times each!

Maya said...

Hi Melissa! You can actually watch Emma's Dilemma online. Try searching under LEGO Friends Episode 5 part 1 (or 2). I'm sure your daughters will love it! :)

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