June 19, 2014

LEGO Fusion and Friends Resort Designer

The new LEGO Fusion augmented reality interface with imaging real bricks via your handheld device using Qualcomm's Vuforia mobile vision platform allows builders to get a 3D version of what they are building.  "Real build, Virtual game" is how LEGO describes it.  Due to release in August, the sets contain around 200 bricks at a price of around $35, with the app download being free.
Interactive play has been a big part of LEGO Friends since its beginning in January 2012.  This inclusion in the LEGO Fusion line, along with other sets, such as Town Master, Battle Towers and Create & Race, demonstrates the evergreen aspects of the Friends theme.
LEGO Friends set is called Resort Designers:
Comes with 263 bricks and the 'special' code image that allows the device to build in 3D.  Create and build to add to your virtual world, then store on LEGO's cloud using your LEGO ID so you can go back to build more and play.

Video demo:

More info about the Fusion line on LEGO.com

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Bearded Jon said...

I'm looking for a review of the LEGO Fusion: Resort Designer. I don't want my daughter to get bored with it. How is the playability?

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