January 4, 2015

Review: 41086 Vet Ambulance

Last summer Emma was busy riding on her Jungle Bike and looking out for troubled animals in the jungle. Clearly, she was good at it, as she is now hired to do the same back at home in Heartlake City! She drives her cute little ambulance around town making sure there is no animal in need of medical assistance. Oh no, Jojo the hedgehog tumbled down from the bush! Let’s take her to the Vet Clinic where Mia, our vet in training, is waiting!

The FriendsBricks community wishes to thank TLG’s CEE Team for generous support of this set to review and share with fans.

Box Art: Front. Unlike my previously reviewed sets, this set was purchased in a US store, so there is a lot more information written on the front side of the box. I prefer the simplicity of the European version.

Box Art: Back. Although this is a set featuring Emma mini-doll, the star of the set actually appears to be the hedgehog as the cute drawings suggest!

Box Contents: 1 Booklet & 2 Bags


There are 89 (plus extra) pieces in this set. Many of the pieces look relatively common, but there are a few rare ones in this set. The obvious ones are the girl hedgehog, the feeding bottle, and the Vet Clinic torso. There is also a strange-looking white  brick with knobs which appeared for the first time in a LEGO Friends set. 

My favorite element from this set is this 1x2 brick with the Vet Clinic logo printed only on one side. Surprisingly, it is not included in 41085 Vet Clinic or any other sets in the Vet sub-theme! I love how these 10-dollar sets often come with exclusive printed pieces instead of stickers!

Now introducing: Emma! She is looking cute wearing her blue sleeveless blouse and sand green skirt! 

Yes, this is her third appearance in this wave; we have already seen her in 41093 Heartlake Hair Salon and 41095 Emma’s House. Until now, I had the impression that she was given a slightly less important role among the five Friends, but she is finally brought to the center stage! 

Mia and Emma love modeling together in their matching shirts! 
In this set we get the girl hedgehog, which is named Jojo in LEGO Friends Character Encyclopedia. The boy hedgehog Oscar is found in various sets, but this is only the second set with her after 41020 Hedgehog’s Hideaway. In this review, I’m going to call her Jojo.

When I first saw the bush, I thought the shape looked rather peculiar. Then I realized that the slope was meant for Jojo to slide down on. And that is how she would end up getting hurt and rescued by Emma!

Jojo might be in pain and we need to take her to the clinic immediately! Let’s not waste any more time blabbering; we need to build the ambulance NOW!
Step 11 of the build. Hurry up! We have an emergency!

So here it is! 


The lovely bright colors give some nice highlights to the white body of the car. The color scheme is shared with the clinic itself, so when people in Heartlake City spot the car, they will know immediately it’s from the Vet Clinic! 

The cute little stretcher can be attached to the back of the ambulance.

Extra Pieces


Actually, Jojo seems to be doing okay. Perhaps she just wanted to ride the cool Vet Ambulance and meet the other friendly animals at the clinic! And I agree! This set is even more fun when combined with the clinic and all the animal friends! Jojo could meet the newborn bunnies, ride the back of the foal, play with the puppies and the kitty! 

Thanks for reading, and keep building with LEGO Friends!



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