January 10, 2016

Spotlight: Adventure Camp Archery

LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Archery (41120) 
Another 2016 Adventure Camp set for Friends that's right on target!
Building this set is only the first part of the fun ...
Flick-fire action elements in LEGO sets have been around for a years, yet this is the first for Friends.  The center "bulls-eye" target sits on a tile behind the lavender plate, so it can actually be shot out.  Cool!

Watch Mia in the product video hone her skills with a crossbow!

Even our crossbow must be built!

 Back of the box demonstrates the action for us to build.  Other action/moving aspects of Friends sets have been incorporated in the past: such as Stephanie's Soccer Practice set using technic parts to flick the ball; Friends flagship set Olivia's House uses technic bits for the yard swing; plus lots of sliding and rotating techniques built into Jungle sets and others since 2012.

Even being a small set in LEGO terms (114 pieces), we still get some creative designs to build.
We learn techniques for our own creations later, such as building a chair that reclines.

Plus we get Jojo the hedgehog!  She is always welcome -- Friends fans love our animals for sure!
This little hutch for her matches Mia's archery field viewing stand.

What's better than a barrel of monkeys?
A barrel of yellow 1x1 plates for target ammo, of course!
Archery as a sport and hobby has become quite popular these past few years,
so getting to build a LEGO set in this playable style combines those 2 interests.
This set can easily sit on your desk ... just make sure your boss isn't near when you
get the urge for thumb action ;-)
You can even record your ... err, Mia's scores in the new Campsite scrapbook
(it doesn't come with the set, it's another fun Friends gear item
LEGO continues to offer for fan experience).

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