January 13, 2016

Spotlight: Birthday Party sets

LEGO Friends Birthday Party (41110) set is the largest of this year's sub-theme at 191 pieces.  Although Andrea appeared in a Birthday-themed polybag previously (Birthday Party was released in January 2013, which coincided with Friends 1st Birthday) this is the first box-set of the theme.
The box art shows a lively backyard setting that Andrea has decorated for her bunny Daisy
and her bird friend Violet to enjoy.  The brick-built gift box has a printed tile for a lid.
We get to build 2 sizes of balloons.
Box back shows the activities for the party include: a swing, rotating stage, gift opening, plus a piano & microphone for singing.  It's nice that even a small set teaches moving parts function-builds.

Building with LEGO string and 1x1 plates with clips, then adding trans-clear round tiles in
varying colors is a fun technique. You can also see the Birthday invitation 1x2 tile is printed.
The piano design you get to build is compact & topped with a clever microphone holder.

 The 'swinging' swing is a separate module; the building technique using technic beams
can easily be modified to accommodate mini-dolls or other animals.

You can't have a party without cake and this isn't an ordinary cake -- it's carrot cake -- which
is fitting for the guest of honor.  Party hats fit onto both mini-dolls and animals.

LEGO Friends Party Train (41111) gives us fun ideas for building pet playgrounds, along
with attaching brick-built wagons with wheels to make a train pulled by a bike.

Box art show us the first-ever LEGO Hamsters - Harry & Heidi - sure to be popular animals,
considering they are very common as pets in real life.
Box art on the back shows the activities of opening the mailbox to retrieve the invitation, sliding on the playground, and a gift box you build that opens.  The bottom also show drawings of all the
animals in this sub-theme.
 Stephanie gets their gift boxed while Harry & Heidi are on the train ready to head to the
party they were invited to!

LEGO Friends Party Cakes (41112) introduces Toffee the pug dog, who is crazy for food, just like
real life pugs.  So, we get to help by building an oven, frig, bench, cake and gift.

 Box art shows the printed cookie tile being the gift Toffee will take to the party.

Here is a close-up of the brick-built cake, printed party invitation tile and other yummies!
The bench's 2x6 Lavender plates are welcoming for many MOCers.
Apparently we have to feed Toffee before heading out to the party so he doesn't eat the cake you've built!

LEGO Friends Party Gift Shop (41113) is a sweet little kiosk type of build, with a new
printed cash register on a 2x2 white slope brick.
Box art shows the baby bunnies, Mini & Minu enjoying the see-saw we get to build, along
with clear round tiles with stud used for displaying shop items, such as a bow.
 All the bricks & pieces included in the box.  Open the shutters to open the shop and
build the see-saw with technic parts.
 Even the gift box is built.  The top tile is printed with the bow and polka dots.
A really good close-up of the printed invitation tile with the signature balloon motif -- all the sets in this sub-theme come with parts to make balloons.

LEGO Friends Party Styling (41114) features Jewel getting ready to attend a party.
We get to build the rotating bathing area, complete with gold faucet.
Box art also shows a fish snack and the gift box with the same printed tile lid as the Birthday Party set.
Here is the mirror side of the styling module when it's rotated 180-degrees.
Once again, for a small set to have moving functions to build, it's really great to learn new
building techniques to use in future creations.

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