January 14, 2016

Spotlight: Emma's Creative Workshop

LEGO Friends Emma's Creative Workshop (41115) is a creative set about creativity.
Building it can inspire your own aspirations for being a maker.  Learning the clever ways to build a
machine for sewing can help you with techniques for your own LEGO designs.

Box art shows the placement inside Emma's house and how her desk is part of an architectural
section you build that frames the window.  Lovely bows are on display as the header.
The Lamp design echoes the style in other parts of her house.

Box back takes us through the design stages: developing ideas (using sticky notes of course), illustrating concept designs, choosing colors, creating on the machine, photographing the finished product, and using the Internet to post creations to inspire others with an e-shop.
Close-up of the easel with whiteboard, complete with sticky notes (new 2016 printed tiles).
In 2012 a set with Emma also utilized a whiteboard to develop sketches
and ideas in the Fashion Design Studio.
Emma with her fabric swatch and scissors -- wearing a fun new "work" overalls outfit.
The sewing machine design is compact and also detailed.  After building it and the desk & chair, we
are able to switch out various thread colors to match the hair bow hues.

2016 gives us new maps for Heartlake City -- because the maps we've been shown in the past are now getting very filled-up with all the great Friends sets!  These maps feature a monochrome background
to highlight the different buildings in a multi-color sketchy style.  Here we see the "X" marks the spot of
Emma's Creative Workshop inside Emma's House.

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