January 16, 2016

Spotlight: Heartlake Cupcake Cafe

LEGO Friends Heartlake Cupcake Cafe (41119) is the new hangout in 2016!
Build the moving features to spin the display case by the rooftop swirl finial.

Box front shows Stephanie and new Friends character Naomi looking over fresh baked goods.

Box back shows inside the cafe and all the various activities you get to build.

Learn how to build a commercial oven -- for adding to Creator set modifications.

Watch how the cupcake display rotates!

Inside the cafe you can see more of the rotating display.  The restaurant-grade mixer is a new design that MOCers can use for inspiration.  Above it hangs the frosting tool -- clever use of the gold lightsaber hilt.
The teapot is new in this color and the red phone receiver is retro.

This picture shows the setting of this cafe in Heartlake City.
The cherry blossoms frame it well and complement the blend of hues in the canopy,
cupola & stained glass window above the door.

The outdoor terrace with table and chairs is another example of wonderful designs to
build in Friends sets that gives fans ideas for their own creations.  Because even small-to-medium
creations can have lots of detail.  With 439 parts it's nearly double the building steps of the first
Friends cafe in 2012.
Naomi is taking her business beyond her location by delivering.  LEGO fans seem to
love this red scooter -- must be its classic style and that it looks great in any City!

Here's a view when visiting Heartlake City in 2016.

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