January 15, 2016

Spotlight: Olivia's Exploration Car

LEGO Friends Olivia's Exploration Car (41116) looks to the stars.  We get to build a rotating
telescope platform using her treehouse as a base.
Box art shows Olivia on a hill near the treetop telescope checking star charts with
her robot Zobo that she created 4 years ago, and is ready with a cup of hot chocolate.
Box back shows her looking through the telescope, then posting her findings online
with her new purple laptop.

The sky map is built on an easel and comes with a new 'sticky note' tile and a
magnifying glass to get a better look at that heart-shaped constellation.
The telescope is built like a mini observatory, uses a treehouse base, and rotates 360-degrees.
The atomic symbol incorporates hearts as electrons and the nucleus.  Why hearts?  Well, that's Olivia's "icon"
and her favorite shape.  You may have also noticed her top in this set has that motif printed on it -- so
it coordinates with the telescope and her exploration car.
 The car is a sport version of previous Friends car designs, with fog lights and roll cage added.
The cargo area in the back is built in familiar box style many Friends sets have included.
Zobo has been upgraded since 2012.  The center green trans-clear tile can
beam holographic images while in Heartlake City.

This 2016 map of Heartlake City has an "X" where Olivia's treehouse telescope is located.
These new maps with monochrome background and multi-colored sketches of the sets
have apparently replaced the previous fully-drawn angled view of
Heartlake City -- most likely because it's very full now!

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