January 14, 2016

Spotlight: Pop Star House & TV Studio

LEGO Friends Livi's Pop Star House (41135) is modern and modular!
The house is built a module section at a time, connected, and hinge open for play access.

Box art shows her house high above the city lights.
Box back highlights all the fun you get to build for Andrea's visit to Livi's house.

Another look at how you build modular sections, then build together with the hinges to allow
access inside the house.

With the pool section swung to the side, the stairs are still usable in this lovely design
packed full of other sliding panels and moving parts to maximize realism.
The home surveillance camera is just one of the clever built-in design aspects that are certainly
not after-thoughts.  Building this model helps teach fans to think ahead to incorporate these
elements, so your finished MOC has that look of real-life.
(Did you notice the clever spot on her dog Cookie?)

The modern glass-surround fireplace is another example of building in style.

Livi with her signature purple guitar, some accessories, her dog Cookie, and Andrea.
In February 2016 LEGO & 2M Entertainment will release a LEGO Friends cgi movie called Girlz 4 Life.
LEGO Friends Pop Star TV Studio (41117) is more than just shiny with brick colors that
pop -- you also learn how to build a stage that rotates and backdrops that change!

Box front shows Livi accepting an award, plus an insert of the rotating function of the stage.
Box back shows sliding studio backdrops, TV production camera with grip & wheels, a TV monitor,
plus a fun new "scene take" board that you build and will come in handy for fans who
create videos with their LEGO creations.
Here is the stage mid-rotation.  Technic pieces for moving function are very common in the
Pop Star sub-theme of LEGO Friends.

That's a wrap for this spotlight episode!


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