February 20, 2016

Review: 41110 Birthday Party

The day of the party is finally here! It’s Daisy the rabbit’s birthday!

Andrea and Violet the bird are decorating the garden and preparing the party stage for some fun music! 

When the giant birthday cake is placed in the middle of the table, the party is ready!

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This is the 3rd set from the Birthday Party sub-theme I am reviewing. In my two previous reviews, I showed you scenes with all the other four party sets, in which the cute animals are getting ready to go to the big birthday party! 

Box Front

Box Back

These alternate images are delightful! 

Box Side & Top

Box Contents:1 8x16 plate, 1 Booklet, Bag 1 & Bag 2

The design of the numbered bags has changed this year.

Let’s look at what’s inside Bag 1!

The small bag inside Bag 1 contains the following bits and pieces.

Surprisingly, there is no extra party hat here!

Included in this set is the basic Andrea mini-doll.

And the star of the set is the birthday girl, Daisy!

Now, some of you are probably saying, “No, that’s not Daisy! If she’s supposed to be Andrea’s pet rabbit like the official product description says, then her name should be Jazz!”

You are ABSOLUTELY right!

Someone obviously got the names confused. Stephanie’s rabbit Daisy has been mentioned more often than Jazz, who I think was simply forgotten! 

Sometimes obsessive fans remember facts about a toy better than those who created it.

Whatever her REAL name is or whoever she belongs to, the white bunny is celebrating her birthday today! 

So let’s watch her open her gift from Andrea! 

Oh, it’s a pretty flower-shaped hair accessory!

The first real build is the swing set!

Then we build a party table with 7 seats. The birthday girl gets to sit in the special chair! 

Look at the enormous birthday cake! 

The party could almost begin when pretty much all the pieces in Bag 1 have been put together.

Now, moving on to Bag 2.

Yes!! The purple birdie! 

This is what’s in the small bag:

I see we are getting one extra yellow party hat here. It’s a little strange the smaller Party Train set with Stephanie and the hamsters has three extra party hats, while this largest party set gives you only one extra party hat…

This purple birdie is named Violet, and she is exclusive to this set! I was looking forward to getting her!

I love these birds, and so far there have been six different kinds. 

What you build with Bag 2 is the party stage.

The gray turntable piece allows the stage to rotate.

A small piano is placed right by the stage.

The stage looks quite nice already when two balloons have been placed in the back corner near the piano. But Andrea insists on putting up some party banners to add to the festivity.

Add some green foliage with a few red flowers along with the party decorations. Now it feels more like a real party!

With the last pieces put together for the simple little table in front of the tree, the stage area is complete. And so is the entire set!

Now the party is about to begin! Let’s bring in all those who have been invited!

Andrea and Violet sing to Stephanie’s piano accompaniment. Both of them sing beautifully!

Now everyone gathers around the big birthday cake. Daisy can’t wait to have that big carrot!

After they have thoroughly enjoyed the carrot cake, Daisy finally opens all the gifts. She is a little surprised that every gift she has received is a hair accessory!

Everyone has had a wonderful afternoon celebrating Daisy’s birthday in the sunny backyard. 

But now it’s time to say good-bye.

Andrea, Stephanie, Daisy, Violet, Harry & Heidi, Mini & Minu, Jewel and Toffee are all saying good-bye to all of you who have been reading this review. 

They are saying: “Thank you for being with us at our big party today!”


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Wenni Donna said...

My little girl got this on her 5th birthday party. We were celebrating in one of the NYC venues and she had invited all her little friends to be there. They all had a really great time. She was at it the entire next day!

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