February 14, 2016

Review: 41111 Party Train

Stephanie finds something exciting in the mail as she watches Heidi and Harry the hamsters play outside. 
It’s an invitation to Daisy’s birthday party! Don’t forget to bring a special gift! 
Now let’s get on the party train with Stephanie and the hamsters!

This set was provided by the AFOL Relations & Programs team (AR&P) of The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer. 

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Box Front

In these animal-centered sub-theme sets, the animals get featured in the cute illustration in the right corner. 

Box Back 

These fun scenes and more can be built using this set!

Box Top

Box Contents: 2 Bags & 1 Booklet

A different version of the sub-theme advertisement page than the one I included in my review of 41114 Party Styling. 

Let’s open the 2 bags.
Here's the contents of the bigger one of the two.

And this is what's inside the smaller bag.

The featured mini-doll is the signature style Stephanie. 

Surprisingly, this is the first time she is wearing this outfit combination since her basic top got an updated look in 2014.

Let me introduce you to two of Heartlake City’s new animal friends: Heidi and Harry the hamsters!

Let’s put the cute little party hats on these three party guests!

Aren't they just adorable? It’s also quite funny how Stephanie and those tiny critters are wearing the same hats!

The hamsters are rather big in comparison with Stephanie.

As usual, we start with the small builds: the gift box with a blue hair bow and a mailbox with the party invitation! 

I assume the brown object sitting right next to the mailbox is a tree stump perfect for Harry or Heidi to stand on.

Stephanie and the hamsters are getting excited about the party they have been invited to!

The next build is the hamsters’ play area.

I don’t know if you can keep hamsters in a place like this in your backyard without losing them. 
I guess Harry and Heidi are very well trained. 

The big build of the set is the party train. It’s a train of wagons pulled by a bicycle. 

The bicycle is in a new color, and some fans must be excited about it! 

Although the bike looks great, it was designed specifically for minifigs, and it’s less than perfect for Stephanie. 

Mini-dolls cannot hold the handlebars because their wrists do not rotate like minifigs. 

There are a few things that mini-dolls borrow from minifigs just because they are available, like the bikes and the helmets without hair. To be honest, I feel they just don’t work quite as well on mini-dolls. 

Now onto building the 3 wagons for the train.

Each wagon has two jumper plates on top, to accommodate 2 animal pals or 2 gift boxes.

After all the 4 parts have been built, they get combined to form a fun party train!

This is what the finished product looks like. 

It gives you a lot of play possibilities, especially for a $10 set!

Three party hats in the extra pieces! More friends to invite to the birthday party!

Oh, look! Stephanie and the hamsters are getting ready to ride the train!

There they go!

Party Train looks even more festive surrounded by the 3 smaller party sets.

The other animal friends seem to want to ride this cool party train, too.

So, Stephanie got all of them onto the train.

Now, all the seven of them are headed for Daisy’s birthday party Andrea is getting ready to throw.

…Oh no! They forgot to take along the birthday gifts!!

Please meet them again at the party in my next review of 41110 Birthday Party! 

We have extra party hats, and YOU are invited, too!


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