June 23, 2016

Review: 41126 Heartlake Riding Club

The Heartlake Riding Club is a new place where horse lovers gather! 
Meet the two new horses, Ninja and Spice! 
Not into horses? You should still stop by and try their famous homemade cherry pie! 

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Box Front

The background scenery is simply perfect. The lovely wisteria flowers go so well with the purple accents used here and there in this set. 

Box Back

Interestingly, the featured Friend of the set is Stephanie! Although Mia was originally the animal lover and the skilled horseback rider of the group, Stephanie has been included in a horse-themed set just as often as Mia.

Box Top

Now let’s see what’s in the box!

There are six bags: Bags 1-5 and one additional bag with no number on it.

And there are three instruction booklets and a sticker sheet. 

They were not in a separate bag or anything, so when I took everything out of the box, the booklets were in this rather disappointing state.

As usual, when I get the booklets out, I like to see the advertisement pages.

A very nice presentation of the horse-related sets of this wave. By the way, have you noticed that Andrea has never appeared in such a set? 

Two full pages with the Amusement Park sets. Funny Nate in that hot dog costume! 

Here’s a close-up photo of the sticker sheet. 

The big sticker with the bulletin board is quite cute. 

The bag without any number on it contains some larger pieces: plates and horses.

Bag 1 Contents

Inside the two small bags in Bag 1 are these:

The set of horse/animal grooming accessories has appeared in 4 different colors. 

The set in the Lavender color is new this year. 

Bag 1 comes with Stephanie…

And Mia.

This is the first time we are seeing Mia in a proper riding outfit. She looks very nice in that red jacket although the sleeves could be a bit longer. 

I was looking forward to meeting these two new horses.

The black male horse is named Ninja.

And the female brown paint horse is Spice.

I like how the two sides show different patterns on Spice. Part of her back is completely white without any spots, but I think that’s okay.

There have been plenty of horses in Heartlake City, but these two come in new colors and prints! I’m very pleased to add them to my LEGO Friends horse collection.

Now the mini-dolls and the horses are put together, let’s move on to the side builds!

In addition to the usual horse riding gear like bridles and saddles, we get two new horse blankets which I am very happy with! New accessories are always welcome! 

The horse exerciser has a bar that attaches to the back of the saddle. 

Let's work on the main build! Here's Bag 2!

Bag 2 Contents

And this is what you get in the small bag.

I was pleasantly surprised to see this piece was printed! It is also included in 41123 Foal’s Washing Station.

The pieces from Bag 2 are all used to build the entrance area of the building.

It’s a very interesting structure, with bricks and pieces laid in such creative ways. 

Let’s see what the next bag will bring!

Bag 3 Contents

A lot of common pieces here, but the horse stable door in Medium Blue is something we never had before.

Here are the contents of the two small bags inside:

At the end of Bag 3, the two horse stables are finished. 

A few stepping stones almost always help to improve the look of a LEGO yard. The four skinny brown columns are nicely placed and add to the unique look of the building.

The back of the stable area is rather plain but looks cozy for the horses. There is also a hook for a bridle. 

Now let’s look at the next bag!

Bag 4 Contents

The last character included in this set is the gray mouse. We don’t know its name at the moment.

This mouse shares the mold with the two hamsters newly introduced in January 2016. 

Meet the three new happy rodents of Heartlake City! 

Bag 4 completes the smaller section of the building; it’s a restroom with a changing area. 

Right above the restroom, there’s a spacious apartment for the mouse. 

The toilet comes with neither a water tank nor a flush button. Maybe it’s a composting type.

We have one last bag to open. Here we go!

Bag 5 Contents

Although they seem quite useful as roof elements, these 6x8 ramp pieces are very rare in Friends sets. 

One of the small bags in Bag 5 contains the new food pieces some fans have been looking forward to! 

The cherry pie slices!

And the water melon slices! 

They are photographed here with a watermelon half from 41118 Heartlake Supermarket for comparison.

Bag 5 contains the parts to complete the upper part of the building. 

Some nice details make this place look almost good enough to live in. There is a dining area as well as a cozy bedroom in the loft. 

Now the set is complete!

There are some extra or unused pieces left at the end.

Let’s follow Mia and Stephanie and see how they spend their day at the Heartlake Riding Club!

The first thing they do when they have arrived there is to take care of the horses.

Between their chores, they take short breaks. 

It’s time for horseback riding!

The girls are very hungry after a full day of fun. They enjoy snacks at the dining area.

Yes, 41126 Heartlake Riding Club is yet another horse-themed set. Some of you probably own 3185 Summer Riding Camp, 3189 Heartlake Stables and/or 41039 Sunshine Ranch already, and may not be all that eager to get another set like those. I have those older sets also, but I was actually very excited to get this set. There are many new things that I didn’t want to miss, like the horses in new colors, the mouse, the horse blankets, the weathervane, the watermelon and the pie pieces, and much more! I also love the unique and attractive look of the building. I’m not sure if it was intended, but this set is also nicely color-coordinated with the horse-themed sets from 2012. 

And if you don’t own a horse-themed Friends set, this is a great set to start with! It’s so much more than simple horse stables, and a LEGO Friends fan will surely have hours of fun playing with this set!


Unknown said...

Wow.....this set is amazing!!!! I love horses and animals........so I think this new creative set is just for me!! This set is really cool!!

Anonymous said...

Love that it's not so pink! Would love to switch out the pink stable doors from some of the older horse sets we have. I always try to de-pink, but they were a problem...

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