June 28, 2016

Review: 41133 Amusement Park Bumper Cars

It's time for some summer thrills! With this Lego set Olivia and Ben can buy tickets for the park, challenge each other in the bumper cars, eat some cotton candy, and then try to keep it all in while spinning around on the swing ride!

This set was provided by the AFOL Relations & Programs team (AR&P) of The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
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Front of the Box

The box art of this set has all the usual Friends Amusement Park elements including beveled sides, bright purplish colors, and sparkly lights in the ribbon banner. The background art faintly shows the Space Ride, which would be great addition to this set.

The box also shows that this set comes with Olivia and Ben, and that they both like cotton candy!

Back of the Box

The back has illustrations showing how to use the swing ride and suggests some ways kids can play with the bumper cars and ticket booth. I find it quite interesting that this set is called Bumper Cars, but the main element described on the back is the swing ride.  Olivia and her BFF’s are also shown at the bottom left wearing their Amusement Park themed outfits. Olivia appears to have borrowed Mia’s tank top for this trip to the amusement park!

It’s time to see what’s inside the box!

The box contains three numbered parts bags, an instruction book, two 16x16 lime colored plates, and a small sticker sheet. Each parts bag contains the parts needed for various components of this set build.

None of these bags contains parts needed to continue a build from any previous section, so builders can change the order in which they build this set by skipping to the section with the things they want to build first, and open that bag.

Most of this set build is straight forward, and each time you complete a small build you will feel a sense of accomplishment. However, their is one building step where some clarification should have been provided regarding the importance of aligning a few parts. If you don’t get it right, everything still works out, but will look a little wonky. I’ll explain this point a little later in the review.

The instruction book does contain a page at the back with a nice illustration of the girls enjoying their time at the Amusement Park.

There is also a page showing the other Amusement Park themed sets available.

This set does contain one unique part and its an interesting one. It is the 6x16 modified Tile with studs on three sides, which is now available in Medium Lavender!

There are also a number of parts in this set that are new for Lego in 2016. The above image shows in which other 2016 sets you can get these. The set numbers are identified above in case you want to look them up. I especially like getting a pair of the Girder parts, now available in White!

Bag 1 contains the parts above.

Section one of the Instruction book includes the steps for creating the Cotton Candy Station, Bumper Cars, the Ticket Sales Stand, plus the two mini-dolls (Ben and Olivia)!

Once Ben and Olivia have been assembled into the world, the real building can begin!

Ben and Olivia put together the Ticket Booth:

I wonder what Ben is saying to Olivia? What do you think?

The ticket booth is finished, and it looks great!

Ben and Olivia celebrate with some Cotton Candy.

After their sticky sweet break Ben and Olivia go over to inspect the new bumper cars.

Olivia: Wow, these new cars are so clean inside.
Ben: These cars have no wheels, I guess they glide around on a cushion of air!?
Olivia: I can’t wait to find out!

The above components and are all completed after assembling the parts in bag #1.

Bag 2 contains the above parts, which are used to build the arena space for the bumper cars.

Ben and Olivia take some time to enjoy this space, which works perfectly as a dance floor.

Above is an image of the arena with the Bumper Cars on it.

When the bumper cars occupy this space it is quite crowded, with little room to move the cars around, but it does look like a fun time!  Some builders will definitely want to make this space bigger, maybe even adding a few more cars.

Above are the contents of Bag 3 which will be used to build the swing ride.

The swing ride is the biggest, and most complex build in this set. The instructions include steps for putting together a Technic swing arm that includes a number of gears.

Step 38 on page 65 completes the assembly of the mechanized swing arm:

Unfortunately, after completing this build I noticed that the passenger carriage was hanging at an odd angle. I quickly determined that these gears need to be properly aligned in order for the passenger carriage to be level at the top and bottom of the arc.

To ensure the passenger carriage is level at the top and bottom of the swing rotation, just follow this diagram when aligning the gears on the swing arm:

Being the biggest build in this set, Ben and Olivia called in the Heartlake City Construction crew to help them assemble this ride:

Note: The above Heartlake City Construction crew and Bobcat are not included in the set, they are just a fun little scene I built showing how this ride could be assembled by the mini-dolls themselves. There are no rules when building sets, and its perfectly okay to stop and do some other things along the way if it adds to your Lego building enjoyment.

Here is the completed Swing Ride:

This swing ride not only looks good but has a fun action feature:  When you spin the knob on the side the carriage spins upside down as it circle around the base.

Unfortunately the knob may be hard to spin all the way around with little hands, but I am sure that wont stop kids from playing with it.

Here is a little video showing how it works:

This set was a fun build which included many of the essential elements of any Amusement Park, including a ticket booth, Cotton Candy stand, some fun rides, and two mini dolls.

Here is another view of all the components included in this set:

As much fun as this set was to build, I wonder why the title is “Amusement Park Bumper Cars”, when the main build and play feature (in my mind) is actually the Swing Ride.

This is a fun set, and should be considered by any Lego builder who wants to add some great components to their own Lego Amusement Park!

As a Lego builder who likes to make My Own Creation’s (MOC’s), I see lots of opportunities to customize this set. I hope you will take on the challenge to make your own changes to this set as well.

Here is what I did to customize this set:
My initial thoughts were to automating the Bumper Cars, but I could not figure out a simple way to do that without making some major modifications. So I’ll leave that up to you, and can’t wait to see what YOU come up with!! I wonder if it will involve magnets… Hmmm….

I did make some changes to the Swing ride which I’ll share with you here. When spinning the swing ride it felt off balance, so I decided to add a second passenger carriage. Then after adding the second carriage I took it one step further and motorized the ride.

Here is what I came up with:

Video of modified Swing Ride:

What do you think of this set?
Would you make modifications to it?
What changes would you make?


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