October 17, 2016

LEGO Friends 2017

LEGO Friends will celebrate their 5th Birthday coming in January 2017 See all new sets on Friends Bricks here's an early list of some of the sets to be released then >> click "Read more" if you don't mind a bit of a spoiler :-)

41300 - Puppy Championship

41301 - Puppy Parade

41302 - Puppy Salon

41303 - Puppy Playground

41304 - Puppy Park Tricks and Treats

41305 - Emma's Photo Studio

41306 - Mia's Beach Bike Scooter

41307 - Olivia's Inventor Creative Lab

41308 - Stephanie's Bakery Friendship Cakes

41309 - Andrea's Show Musical Duet

41310 - Heartlake Present Service Gift Delivery

41311 - Heartlake Pizzeria

41312 - Heartlake Gym Sports Center

41313 - Heartlake Swimming Summer Pool

41314 - Stephanie's House

(Updated with final official names)

[Set numbers below are most likely 2H (second half) releases]

41315 - ?

41316 - ?

41317 - ?

41320 - ?

41321 - ?

41322 - ?

41323 - ?

41324 - ?

41326 - Advent Calendar

> > > > Stay tuned for more details in the coming months ...


Anonymous said...

As always thanks for all your great info. Here is a message to Lego: "Five sets with dogs and none with cats! Come on Lego, be fair. I sure hope there will be some cat sets on the horizon too. Lately, it seems like Lego hasn't even been including any cats in the new sets. For someone like me, who only buys sets with cats in them, this is a real let down."

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of puppy sets in the new lineup, which is good, but I also hope we can see some new cat sets in the near future.

DangAndBlast! said...

Gym sounds different! And kidlet still plays with Stephanie's outdoor pizzeria regularly, so we'll probably be getting the pizzeria, though I'd rather save my money for Elves :)

Anonymous said...

The gym seems to be the only innovation... Do girls really like puppies that much? What about a human hospital, a park or a botanical garden, a drugstore, a cinema, a police station, a zoo, a nursery...?

Anonymous said...

I wonder why there are no pictures of these yet . . . usually they're released by the first week of October.

Unknown said...

Awesome! 😀 I love to see the new sets announced. And puppies, my favorite! 🐶

SuzEaton said...

I'm super excited for the Inventor Lab!

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