February 21, 2017

Review: 41313 Heartlake Summer Pool

Heartlake Summer Pool is the second public swimming pool in town! 
Andrea who loves to spend her time at a pool has made sure to be there on the opening day! 
Let’s see how the new pool compares to its predecessor from 2013! 

This set was provided by the AFOL Relations & Programs team (AR&P) of The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer. 
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This is the front of the box. It looks like the usual box design, but the picture of the five Friends characters on the top right had to be divided by the upper part of the product image, leaving the girls awkwardly separated.

The back of the box is always fun with lots of fun scenes from the set! 

Heartlake Summer Pool is located right by the ocean, and it looks like a great place to spend your next summer vacation at!

When you open the box, you get 5 bags…

and two instruction booklets, a sticker sheet, and two relatively large plates.

Though my photo doesn’t show it clearly, Booklet 1 has slightly more durable paper on the outside pages which Booklet 2 does not have. 

Perhaps it’s because Booklet 1 is thicker with 24 more pages.

The back of Booklet 2 shows many of the sets from the first wave of 2017. Which one is your favorite?

Let’s start building! Let's see what we are getting in Bag 1!

And here are the contents of the two small bags.

We got some nice new mini-doll parts in Bag 1; Martina’s wig is a new mold, and her skirt is in a fresh new color. Both mini-dolls got a brand-new bikini top as well!

I’m also quite happy to see the flower pieces are now available in Bright Orange!

Meet the two characters in the set!

This is Martina. She is a new character with the lovely new hairstyle! In one of the LEGO Friends webisodes, she works at Heartlake Sports Center.  

She has the face print with dark brown eyes, which has been used on 3 other Friends characters: Maya, Emma’s mom Charlotte and the camp leader Joy.

And this is Andrea, of course! She is very well known as a talented singer, but have you noticed she seems to love swimming pools? This is the 3rd set she appears in that comes with a big swimming pool, the other two sets being 41008 Heartlake City Pool and 41135 Livi's Pop Star House!  Oh, and she was also in 41101 Heartlake Grand Hotel which has a small pool on the rooftop! 

I like how her bikini has cross-back straps! This is the third bikini top she has worn.

Next, we are building the lifeguard chair!

The sign says no running and no diving allowed!

The last thing to build with Bag 1 is a hot tub and a canopy daybed with a side table. 

Isn't it lovely?! I like the fancy look of the canopy!

The hot tub is built in the sweet shape of a heart!

Now onto Bag 2…

The water melon pieces introduced in the second wave of 2016 are back! 

With some of those pieces…

the cute little juice bar has been built!

And with the rest of Bag 2, we are getting a restroom and a locker! 

Personally, I would feel more comfortable with a little more privacy, but it’s a nice-looking restroom. I like the bright citrus color accents used in these small builds!

Bag 3! Are we finally starting to build the big pool?!

The curved stair piece newly introduced in 2017 is currently found in 3 colors in 3 different Friends sets. The other two are found in 41300 Puppy Championship and 41314 Stephanie’s House.

Let’s open the small bag, too!

When you are finished with Bag 3, the basic shape of the pool itself is complete.

I like the look of the water flowing into the pool; it adds some appearance of movements to the otherwise flat motionless pool.

There are two round stickered tiles in the pool. They are stools for the mini juice bar when it gets placed on that side of the pool. 

Underneath the diving board is the rubbery element that allows the board to bounce.

Now onto Bag 4!

And here’s what’s in the small bag. 

Bag 4 adds some height to the structure. Two third of the slide has been attached.

The aquarium has a simple design, but it looks fantastic!

In fact, this cool aquarium was the one of the main reasons I wanted to get this pool! 

Behind the pool is the shower area.

Two people can take a shower at the same time while enjoying the view of the aquarium from the back.

The slide sections are held in place on brick-built pillars. 

We now have one bag left: Bag 5! 

There are two straight slide sections in two different colors. 

And here’s the contents of the small bag.

Bag 5 completes the top section of the pool including the speakers and the signs.

The long slide looks especially awesome, doesn’t it? That was made possible thanks to the new slide sections.

Here’s a comparison of the old long curvy slide and the two new short slide sections. 

Unlike the old one, these new pieces will allow different lengths and configurations for a slide. 

Have you noticed the sign above the aquarium shows someone familiar?

It’s Andrea wearing a mermaid tail!

Now let’s look at the back of the pool!

There is a long scary ladder on the back to reach the top of the slide.

The slide first goes straight down into the small pool right above the aquarium. Then it continues down until it throws you into the main pool. How fun!

The pool looks great with the tube, mattress and beach ball floating around.

With all sections of the set put together, this is what the finished product looks like!

There are a handful of extra pieces left.

Now let’s see the girls enjoy their day at the pool! Three additional mini-dolls from my personal collection have also been invited!

Andrea and Martina can’t wait to try the big slide!


Martina wants to try the diving board!

But Emma in the lifeguard chair says, “No diving please!”

Martina wonders: "Then what do we have the diving board for?!"

Olivia has arrived, and quickly changed into her bathing suit.

Olivia says to herself, “How lucky I am to get to use the only locker in the whole place!”

“Hey, would you mind…?!” 
Oops, sorry!

There is a small juice bar on one side of the pool. Olivia and Emma are ordering their favorite drinks from Liza. 

“One brickberry smoothie for me, please!”

Martina and Andrea are relaxing in the pool.

“I love pools, and I have been going to Heartlake City Pool and Livi’s house, but this new Heartlake Summer Pool is the BEST!” says Andrea.

But I hate to think that the new pool is putting the old pool out of business! 

So, I’ve decided to combine the two into one big water park!

Each of the two pools is complete and lots of fun on its own, of course, but the two look surprisingly good when displayed side by side! What do you think?

The new pool has some features that were not included in the old pool, so I do not mind owning both! 

And if this is the first pool in your Heartlake City, you and your mini-dolls will surely have hours of fun!

Thanks for reading!


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