October 17, 2017

LEGO Friends Super Pack 5-in-1

LEGO Friends Super Pack 5-in-1 box (66558) contains all the "Friendship" sets from January 2017 set wave and additional building instructions, plus a few extras.  It's a Target store exclusive.

Buildable bracelet included
Also included: Ticket to Legoland or LEGO Discovery Center

Bring out all the fun of Heartlake City with this Target exclusive LEGO® Friends Super Pack, featuring 5 LEGO Friends sets! Your child can discover each of the LEGO Friends characters’ passions:
   Emma, the artsy girl with Emma’s Photo Studio 41305; Olivia, the future scientist with Olivia’s Creative Lab 41307; Stephanie, apprentice chef with Stephanie’s Friendship Cakes 41308; Andrea, the lively singer with Andrea’s Musical Duet 41309; and Mia, the nature-lover-adventurer of the group with Mia’s Beach Scooter 41306.

• Includes Olivia, Stephanie, Andrea, Emma and Mia mini-dolls
• Each of the characters come with their own pet
• Great set for your child to start their LEGO Friends collection
• All elements are compatible with other LEGO sets
• Featuring lots of accessories and details for creative and imaginative play
• Each set includes a special heart charm for your child to collect and share with their best friend
• Each set offers an age-appropriate building experience for children starting age 6
• Perfect for a first building experience
• All 5 sets combined include 463 pieces

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Xyra Silverleaf said...

Wow! This is really neat. I hope our Target has it. Would make a great Toys for Tots donation this year.

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