February 5, 2018

Friends Mini-doll versions

Friends Mini-dolls 2012-to-2017 and 2018-to-?
Let's decide how we (the FriendsBricks community) want to refer to
Friends Mini-doll character versions from 2012-to-2017 and 2018-to-?:
~ Original and 2.0
~ Legacy and ReBoot
~ Retro and Modern
~    ...    ?
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Melody Silverleaf said...

I like Original and 2.0, but Legacy and ReBoot works well too.

Seb said...

My daughter calls them the real ones and the ugly ones.

Anonymous said...

I like legacy and reboot

Melody Silverleaf said...

Legacy and ReBoot is becoming my favorite.

BrickoMotion said...

I vote for Original and ReBoot ^^

Sally said...

I vote for original and reboot too. Legacy sounds like they are relics from the distant past. Which they aren’t quite yet...

Melody Silverleaf said...

Sally, you have a point; Original does sound a bit better than Legacy.

We could borrow from another fandom...Friends and Friends: Next Generation. :-)

I still love the idea of the two Olivia's meeting each other and being amazed to find someone who shares the name.

Anonymous said...

I'll always like the original ones, they're the lego friends that every girl know!!!

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