February 5, 2018

Friends Mini-doll versions

Friends Mini-dolls 2012-to-2017 and 2018-to-?
Let's decide how we (the FriendsBricks community) want to refer to
Friends Mini-doll character versions from 2012-to-2017 and 2018-to-?:
~ Original and 2.0
~ Legacy and ReBoot
~ Retro and Modern
~    ...    ?
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Melody Silverleaf said...

I like Original and 2.0, but Legacy and ReBoot works well too.

Seb said...

My daughter calls them the real ones and the ugly ones.

Anonymous said...

I like legacy and reboot

Melody Silverleaf said...

Legacy and ReBoot is becoming my favorite.

BrickoMotion said...

I vote for Original and ReBoot ^^

Sally said...

I vote for original and reboot too. Legacy sounds like they are relics from the distant past. Which they aren’t quite yet...

Melody Silverleaf said...

Sally, you have a point; Original does sound a bit better than Legacy.

We could borrow from another fandom...Friends and Friends: Next Generation. :-)

I still love the idea of the two Olivia's meeting each other and being amazed to find someone who shares the name.

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