April 20, 2018

Summer 2018 LEGO Friends set images

 Andrea's Bedroom 41341
 Emma's Bedroom 41342

Heartlake City Airplane Tour 41343
Andrea's Accessories Store 41344

Heartlake City Pet Center 41345
 Friendship Box 41346
 Heartlake City Resort 41347

 Service & Care Truck 41348

 Drifting Diner 41349

Spinning Brushes Car Wash 41350
 Creative Tuning Shop 41351
 The Big Race Day 41352

Fun LEGO Friends Gear items for 2018:

Creative Rings 853780


Autumn 2018:

Advent Calendar 41353


High-Res set build images of 2HY2018 LEGO Friends (too big for HT)



Blondwave said...

Great!!! I was waiting for those for ages!!! I don't know which or if I'll get some of those sets, but I think I quite like the Advent Calendar cause of bricks. But in my opinion it was better when the scenes were for minidolls :P

Animalland9 said...

Wow! I am impressed! However, most look like really large sets so I'm kind of thinking the prices are going to shoot up. I think the race idea is quite an awesome concept, especially for people who is growing up with a brother who used to be obsessed with both Lego and cars! As for the bedrooms, I think that they are really cool! My guess is that Emma's is deluxe, like Olivia's, and Andrea's is just normal, like Mia's and Stephanie's. The resort looks ENORMOUS and I am pretty blown away. Personally, though, it wouldn't be my kind of set.

Animalland9 said...

Oh yeah, and the set with the big builds, the friendship box, would be a great set to build with friends and I quite like the concept.

Blondwave said...

I bought myself Emma's Bedroom and after few days with built set I used the bricks for renovations for my HLC. I'll definitely HAVE to get the Heartlake City Resort 41347, I love it just that much!!!

Melody Silverleaf said...

This is wonderful! Thank you! Definitely getting the advent calendar this year!

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