May 15, 2018

Review: 30403 Olivia's Remote Control Boat

Olivia has brought her remote-control sailboat to a pond near Heart Lake.

Polybag front -- a bit crinkled from being in a retailer's shelf bin.
We get a peek of the curvy "Heart-topped" building in downtown HLC ... beyond the pond area and trees.

All the parts are loose in the polybag (some previous polybags had interior bags for parts) with the folded instructions sheet.

First we build Olivia with her new 2018 glasses, hair-style and olive tone; her gear necklace shows off her new icon.
Her bright pink collared top is in refreshing contrast to her cool yellow skirt and azure shoes.
It's the same outfit she wears in The Friendship House and Olivia's Deluxe Bedroom.

Then build the Lilypad or Lotus flower -- all wobbly, just like a floating water plant -- due to the inverted disc in trans blue.

Then get the pond water ready with a wheel by using turntable pieces.

Build her boat, then clip onto the wheel.

Add the mast with radio frequency receiver on top of the flag.
We even get 3 spare parts!

Olivia has decorated her remote-controller with an extra flower she found -- now she can enjoy steering her boat around the pond.
It's easy to spot Olivia's boat on the water -- since it shares her color combination.


Polybags have a certain appeal, partly due to always being clever and quick builds, and partly for the fun of finding one in your region of the world!

The parts in this bag are all great for future creations. For me, the cool yellow 1x2 tile is special because I remember my first Friends set (Andrea's Stage 3932) having them -- and I craved more!

If polybags and Friends make you happy -- this one is an enjoyable way to get a small build fix and play with something on your desk. Maybe later add it to a larger diorama with a lake or pond. It's always fun to watch this kind of activity at a park -- especially a LEGO park!


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Melody Silverleaf said...

I love finding the polybag builds! This one is really cute. I will start looking for it around me.

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