September 5, 2018

Call for Cool Creations for LEGO Life magazine

Do your kids build too?  LEGO Life magazine has a "Cool Creations" section to showcase the creativity of KFOL's (kid fans of LEGO / ages 5-10) -- just like the old Club magazines.
 As seen on the side of all the Friends sets boxes
Here is a sample of content for Friends fans
from the latest issue 

There's lots more in the magazine - activities, comic adventures, games, puzzles, and of course loads of creations to see while viewing the app.

You can sign up to have your child receive the printed magazine free via the mail (5 editions a year, US/Canada only) and if you hurry to sign up before September 24th, your child will receive this year's special holiday edition!
If you already receive the magazine, here's a quick link to the Cool Creations submissions form to send in your child's creation photos.  Or perhaps one built by your niece or nephew ... or grandchild, or a kid builder in your LUG (tell their parents about it!) ... it's all about inspiring others!

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