November 26, 2018

2019 LEGO Friends sets - January wave

 41369 Mia's House

41368 Andrea's Talent Show

41367 Stephanie's Horse Jumping

41366 Olivia's Cupcake Cafe

41365 Emma's Art Studio

41364 Stephanie's Buggy & Trailer

41363 Mia's Forest Adventure

 41361 Mia's Foal Stable (Juniors)

41360 Emma's Mobile Vet Clinic (Juniors)

 41359 Heart Box Friendship Pack

 41358 Mia's Heart Box

41357 Olivia's Heart Box

 41356 Stephanie's Heart Box

41355 Emma's Heart Box

41354 Andrea's Heart Box

41383 Olivia's Hamster Playground

-- Thanks to Blondwave for the head's up! :-)


SchrefflerFamily said...

I love the way the heart boxes stack!
And that hamster wheel! (But I find myself loving most of Olivia's sets.)

Blondwave said...


kuhander said...

Indeed the hamster wheel is fun!

BrickoMotion said...

I love how different many of the sets look. But I'm mostly looking forward to the new outfits the girls are getting :D

Anonymous said...

Nice sets, especially like 41365 Emma's Art Studio, but it would be nice to see more sets with cats in them. There are a lot of sets with dogs, horses, and even rabbits, but only one set with a cat. Also, it would be nice to get some new styles and colors of cats, like a sleeping cat in solid black, for example, or a Siamese or Persian (so many of the Emma sets include the exact same cat). It would also be nice if the Emma sets were made in some other colors rather than always all purple.

kspay said...

Happy when it announced Mia's House set, but... ... disappointed... T.T

Unknown said...

Love the heart boxes.

Unknown said...

i think the heart boxs were not a great idea they just released the pods so they should of waited or not done the boxs

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