December 1, 2018

2018 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar Reveal

Build your Happy Holidays!  This year's Calendar features build-able 
Ornaments for your Christmas Tree!
Day 1 - Heart Ornament [Parts]

Day 2 - Guitar Ornament [Parts]

Day 3 - Caroling Bells [Parts]

Day 4 - Fireplace with Stocking and Toy Soldier / Nutcracker Ornament

 Day 5 - Snowman Ornament [Parts]

 Day 6 - Stocking Ornament [Parts]

Day 7 - Camera Ornament [Parts]

Day 8 - Candy Cane Ornament [Parts]

Day 9 - Rocking Reindeer Ornament [Parts]

Day 10 -  Christmas Advent Candle Ornament [Parts]

Day 11 - Lantern Ornament [Parts]

Day 12 - Trophy Ornament [Parts]

Day 13 - Wreath Ornament [Parts]

 Day 14 - Piano Ornament [Parts]

Day 15 - Tic-Tac-Toe Game Ornament [Parts]

Day 16 - Christmas Pudding/Cupcake Ornament [Parts]

Day 17 - Roller Skate Ornament - really rolls! [Parts]

Day 18 - Gingerbread House Ornament [Parts]

Day 19 - Gingerbread-man Cookie Ornament [Parts]

Day 20 - Snowflake Ornament [Parts]

Day 21 - Christmas Gift Ornaments [Parts]

Day 22 - Microscope Ornament [Parts]

Day 23 - Christmas Tree Ornament [Parts]

Day 24 -Train Ornament [Parts]

 Santa Zobo
A Christmas Day build - an extra ornament (not part of the official calendar) [Parts]

Box front of Advent Calendar 41353 shows the 5 Friends hanging the ornaments on the tree.

 Box back shows singing and gift exchange around the Christmas Tree.

Front flap flipped up to reveal daily "windows" to open.

The top flap shows Mia sending the Heart Ornament to her brother Daniel who is away at college,
and other fun ideas!  A doorway or chandelier hanging ornament, sweater pin, game,
or garland for the fireplace mantle.
They can be more than Christmas Tree decor!

Daily windows -- perforated and hinged to gain access to the baggie of parts -- which are held in the (recycle-able) tray.  After building them, they do fit back into the tray via their respective windows -- so you could store them built for next year, if you wanted.

All the rest of the sides of the box -- lots of festive graphics for sure!



SuzEaton said...

I gotta say: That graphic of Mia on inside flap had me a bit confused. At first I though she was writing to Santa. Then I saw the boy and thought it was a love letter. Finally, it dawned on me that it must be a gift for a relative.

But I love this advent calendar so much! As I build along, I’m imagining all the alternate models I’ll build with these great parts at the end.

Oh, and I wish LEGO would sell Olivia’s robot holiday sweater for real women’s sizes! LOL. I would totally buy one.

Jim said...

I totally want the yellow sweater with a turkey for women size...PLEASE, produce it for Christmas 2019

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