February 9, 2019

Review: 41363 Mia's Forest Adventure

Mia's Forest Adventure is a sweet 134-piece set packed with action!

This set was provided by the AFOL Engagement of The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans. Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer. Photographs are property of FriendsBricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.

Box Front: Mia glides over a stream and through the forest on her motorized skateboard.  The heart-shaped logo featuring our five Friends appears in the upper right corner.

Box Back: Showcases various play options with Mia, the brown bear cub, the movable beehive hanging from a tree branch, her motorized skateboard and binoculars.  So much adventure for Mia!

Box Left Flap: Mia pets the bear cub.  The beehive and her motorized skateboard are in the background.

Box Top Flap: Choking warnings in several languages, plus a full-sized Mia!

Box Contents: 44-page instruction booklet, one bag each of large, medium and small pieces, a small sticker sheet, and a 4 by 12 stud lime base plate.

Large Bag Opened and Sorted: All are common parts, except for Mia's torso, and helmet and ponytail -- more on that later!

The Set Fully Built: From the motorized skateboard and hand-held remote control, to the bridge over the stream and bear and beehive, this set is highly play-able.  There's even a lookout platform with binoculars and a dark purple re-usable water bottle on the medium lavender topped tree stump.  Look closely to find the green frog on a rock next to the stream!

The Bridge and Lookout Tower: Friends colors are, as usual, bright and engaging.  With the simple use of a few medium azure tiles and plates we know there's a stream in the forest. Orange on the bridge means be cautious. Lime indicates spring grass -- where everyone can romp and play to their heart's content.

The green frog is a welcome detail.  We might imagine it croaking deep into the late afternoon, while Mia scans the forest for signs of wildlife.

The lower portions of the bridge are movable, up and down.  I suppose adventurous players might flip one side of the bridge to a horizontal position and shoot the skateboard up and over the edge, though I'm not inclined to do that, myself.

The tower, though not tall, is fully equipped with binoculars and safety wood panels.  The new leaf and flower parts add lovely detail to this structure. 

My only quibble with Mia's Forest Adventure is the use of stickers on the medium dark flesh tiles instead of including printed board tiles.  But it's a small oversight, in my opinion, and doesn't take away from the set's play-ability.

Motorized Skateboard and Rest Seat: How clever of the set designer to motorize the skateboard!  Mia holds the remote controller while riding.  The rubber wheels on the board allows the player to really take it for a spin - as if it could truly be motorized.  The board is ultra-sturdy and colorful with stickers on the lime upper portion.  Anytime Friends can work in dark azure into the color pallet is fine with me, and we see this color here with the use of 2 by 2 jumper plates and round quarter tiles as part of the skateboard's base.

No adventure is without a rest stop.  The reusable dark purple water bottle is great eco-friendly detail, reminding us to treat our forests with respect.  The medium lavender covered tree stump makes a great seat for weary adventurers!

Bear Cave and Beehive: The beehive hanging from a tree branch is a wonderful element of Mia's Forest Adventure.  The hive itself has, so far, been included in only six sets, two of which are Friends' -- this set and #41369 Mia's House, also released in 2019.  Honey drips from the hive, enticing the bear cub from its cave. 

The hive also has a Technics function where, when you maneuver the brown Technic pin, the hive rotates. Sorry the photos don't show the back of the tree where a red Technics ball joint controls the Technics pin.

The tree beside the bear cave features lavender and orange floral elements -- so lovely!

The brown bear cub has been released in only three other North American-released Friends sets, and she's a welcome addition here in Mia's Forest Adventure.

 Mia Mini-doll: It's taking me awhile to get used to the new mini-doll face and hair designs and colors.  But the transition, for me, is progressing.  My acceptance is growing as I begin to appreciate the steady evolution of Friends' clothing and designs overall. 

The olive green short pants and shoe and top accents, for instance, are an imaginative color choice for the Forest Adventure.  It's sort of camouflage in flavor, but not overtly.  These pants, at the time of this review, have only appeared in Mia's House, also released in 2019.

Mia's torso shirt design is unique to this set.  The design has a Navajo influence and is perfect for time spent exploring nature and the forest!

The lavender version of the helmet and ponytail with Mia's new hair color is unique to Mia's Forest Adventure.

In Conclusion:  Mia's Forest Adventure is a wonderful little set.  On its own, it has great play value.  I love the bear and movable beehive, which wonderfully dovetails with all the Friends animals.  Added to a collection of Friends sets, Mia's Forest Adventure fits right in. 

The forest diorama will tuck into any corner where wilderness can be imagined, and fits perfectly with the newly released #41369 Mia's House. The motorized skateboard will travel well for many years throughout any collector's Heartlake City.

Thank you for reading this review.  Brick on!!

Guest review by Beverly

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