December 23, 2019

Review: 41389 Ice Cream Cart

Popsicle or Cone? This cart has several flavors, so get yours quick before Stephanie has to dash!

Box front for the smallest in this packaging type has merely printed purple flanges, yet the new dark purple adjacent framing, BFF heart, and mini-doll cameo.

Box back shows how she will dash ... with Dash her dog, on her scooter. Standard names 5 Friends along the bottom; and the sticker hides an image of the Scooter-to-cart connection.
I'm still getting used to the new animated versions of our Friends ...

Box top shows the pet included: Dash has been Stephanie's dog for a few years now. We also have a warning about small parts in eleven languages, plus some of the fun elements in this set. The sides of the box have small brick collages and eleven languages each -- 33 total.

Box contents: Instructions booklet (pre-2020 type), one white Bow Bottom 2x8x2 Ø4.85, one sticker (which is unusual for this price point, usually no stickers), and two non-numbered bags of parts.

Large bag parts: The large steering wheels in bright yellow are a new re-color for 2020; they are typically found in white, grey, and black in Technic sets. The 1x1 round plates with bar pieces used as popsicle sticks are new in tan. The medium azure Scooter is still a bit rare, and the medium azure 2x2 corner plates have only otherwise appeared in Sweet Mayhem's Starship.

Small bag of parts: I've pulled out front the rare and/or interesting to me ... The 1/2 circle 1x1 flat tiles in cool yellow has been in 5 sets, just not Friends until now; the bright yellowish green (Lime) has only been in Slimer's Brickheadz. The inkwell piece isn't new in grey, yet welcomed by me. Spoons first came in CMF packets, so I'm glad they are more widely available now. For some reason the rounded 1x2 plates in tan get me super excited. It's the first time in this color in Friends -- yet appear in 14 sets starting in 2018.

First we build Stephanie, then table with stools, and Scooter. For some reason I really like the helmet in white.

The azure corner plates give the cart's front definition as a counter on top of this white bow piece that was introduced in City space sets last year; a very clever use! Then we add ice cream scoops before building the canopy/awning separate. These oval plates are great to use with antennas for roofs.

We build and add the cart's kickstands -- so it can be stable. A good use of the grey inkwell piece, and the magenta flowers for rubber feet is clever. The grey robot arm is our connector for the scooter.

All we have to do is snap in the bright yellow wheels using Technic pins, and dress up with magenta flower hub caps. The one sticker goes on the flag so there's no mistake what this cart sells.

A view of the back with Stephanie in the cart -- ready with her ice cream scoop!

Stephanie is wearing a sporty halter-polo shirt in her color combo, with her signature star motif. She's had this outfit since 2018. Paired with navy 2-layer skirt and white tennis shoes, the overall look brings out the blue in her eyes. Her smile has gotten bigger over the years, especially since 2018. This hair style is her standard, except for last year's gymnastics set.

Dash is Stephanie's pet dog. He wears her signature star motif on his collar, so there's no mistake. He's dark brown and has the cutest tail!
For this small sized set, it's good to get an animal.

Also for this size of set of only 97 pieces -- we get an amazing amount of spares!

Time to enjoy a popsicle before packing up. I'm going to say this is Key Lime flavored, because it's my favorite. Dash gets some vanilla.

Stephanie has flipped up the kickstands, hooked-up her Cart to her Scooter, and is ready for finding another location. Dash has hopped on the back -- sure beats running in traffic.

Summary: Offering a refreshing build for a vendor cart (of which there are many in LEGO), this set has clever uses for standard pieces, and yet also offers some rare ones too. Using the white space hull piece as the main cart is brilliant!

In the first year of Friends, Stephanie had a bakery type stall, so it's fun that she gets another food set for the 9th year. Although we've had ice cream carts in Friends before, even a polybag -- none with Stephanie's style.

For such a small set, the interesting building techniques give me ideas. Just the amount of spares make this worth adding to any builders collection. Even if we are repeating some Friends set topics, being evergreen now, this is still a fresh approach that is a sweet build.

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