December 21, 2019

Review: 41390 Andrea's Car and Stage

A matching car and stage is sooo Andrea! This bright striped convertible is hard to miss on the beach strand. Roxy has ice cream for the breezy drive with Andrea -- as Pepper flew past and landed on the stage already.

Box art shows us that Andrea's Stage is on the beach. Her new Friend, Roxy is along for the ride. This is the smallest size box to have purple doodle graphic flanges, and we have the standard BFF heart inset, scene, and mini-doll cameos.
I like Pepper flying in from HLC!

Box back shows how her boombox fits. Andrea is thinking of a song.

Box top with a few fun elements and names of our characters for this set.

Scene slice side of the box shows a sweet time with Pepper.

Other box side shows a small brick collage with set's mini-dolls, animal, and the Instructions PLUS ad.

Box contents: One small sticker sheet (it's about the size of a large postage stamp; luckily mine rested on top of box contents, so in good shape), instructions booklet (pre-2020 type), and two numbered parts bags.

Bag 1 parts: No real new parts, except in a small bag -- new to Friends in flame yellowish orange is part #6249235 Plate 1x1 with 1.5 Plate 1x1 upwards; it first appeared in a 2019 Minecraft set; yet most notable in the LEGO House Dinosaurs set. For Andrea's car, four of them hold her red taillights.

First we build Andrea, give her a saxophone and her pet bird Pepper.

A straight on photo of Andrea shows her new halter top with sort of jeweled geometric design in her signature magenta and teal, trimmed in navy and gold, over a navy skirt. Her gold boots with navy straps aren't new, yet always give her that Pop Star glam.

We build her car chassis floorboard first, and back bumper as separate section before adding. I really like this style of building. The sticker back bumper probably means "rest and relaxation girl" in 'text' style. At first I thought "runner girl" ... then I don't recall her being big on that. So, you decide.

Then we build the rest of the car sides and front bumper with "Andrea" sticker separate before adding.

The completed car is a beautiful striped 6-wide, sort of cabriolet in Andrea's signature colors. This would be hard to miss driving by! The very first Friends windscreen from 2012 (which I still adore), adds that curvy swank. The back faux collapsed rooftop of this convertible still has room for something ...
The interior is lovely smooth Teal, with a "HEART" radio LED lit console. Two foot holders mean we can fit 2 mini-dolls!

Bag 2 parts: Aqua is a new color for the Lattice Tower 2x2x10 with cross bars, and the 4x4 Teal star pieces (Design Plate, 4x4x2/3, No. 1) are new in this color. These stars have a circle anti-stud, and are the back parts of the bright yellow stars found in The LEGO Movie 2 sets -- with the smiley face-printed 2x2 tile attached to the front stud.

First we build the new mini-doll Roxy, and give her an aqua ice cream cone and phone. She has a blonde bob hair cut piece, and a coral strapped top with pale yellow leaf vine motifs trimmed in navy. Her top's belt coordinates with her yellow skirt. Her silver slip-on shoes give her a bit of bling. Her eyes are soft blue, and her peachy colored lips are a slight side-smile.

Next we build the a speaker, and boombox -- then the next speaker with clip in the opposite way. They clip to the boombox back bar clips. I just love the black retro phone receiver as a handle for it!
The display screen is a sticker on teal tile.

A sandy base is what the stage base is built upon. The 2 grey rocker plates are where the Aqua lattice towers attach -- so they can cantilever a bit.

The lattice towers lean out easily; the black flex tube with light attached dictate how far they angle. Instructions say to use only on the the 2 clip on the white plate -- as you can see from the backside.

The stage is finished, and I've left the speakers attached to the boombox for now -- yet they will be attached to the towers. This is everything bag 2 parts builds, plus spares; one black telescope isn't a spare, it's Pepper's bird-stand. It wasn't a step per instructions, yet was in the overall set picture in the booklet.

Lights! Sand! Stage! Andrea is ready with her saxophone. She doesn't wear her skirt while driving -- it wouldn't fit and would get crushed.
Roxy is letting her know which songs she wants her to play, by sharing some off her phone. Pepper is waiting for the que to sing!

Here's a close-up of her lovely pale blue knife-pleat shirt. It's make of starchy sort of fabric and first came in Andrea's Talent Show 41368. Her gold belt wraps around her back. Not all front print continues on all mini-dolls.

Another look at her car. I really do love it! Friends fans are lucky to get 6-wide vehicles. Now you can see the boombox fits even with the back bar clips.

The Teal slope seat blends with the magenta and gives it a cool curvy look. The boombox looks good there! There is a small compartment just behind the seat where she could stow something.

Roxy has borrowed this sweet ride to get more ice cram while Andrea rehearses for her show on the beach. Pepper hitches a ride!

Roxy also has details of her top that extends to her back -- I didn't even notice when I first photographed her. Again, most times the printing is only on the front.  (Update: Roxy is Stephanie's older sister.  Thanks Blondwave :-)

One last look at the overall set.

Summary:  As I've said, building 6-wide cars is great because you can get more details packed in. I love the stripes and that we don't put any stickers on the car body; only on the bumpers. The way the roof looks like it's retracted is a nice design and gives fans ideas for their own.

The stage stars in Teal are a welcome re-color; I'm somewhat surprised we don't add trans 1x1s to the stud for more bling. The tilted lattice towers make this a more interesting look and build. Again, always learning fun techniques from Friends.

Even if it seems like Andrea has mostly stage type sets, at least we get Roxy as a new mini-doll. The tan base for the stage makes it easy to add to a beach-scene layout. For mini-doll collectors, being able to get her new skirt in a smaller set is nice. Once built, it's hard to not be cheery when looking at this combo. It's hard to resist picking up this sweet car!  I bet it would look lovely parked in front of the Downtown Diner.

Disclaimer: This set was provided by The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
Photographs are property of Friends Bricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.


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Blondwave said...

I really love this set - the car is cute, person gets aqua columns and teals stars, and quite exclusive fabric skirt. Plus Roxy - I adore her peach lipstick. I am wondering when she became Andrea's friend? Because Roxy is Stephanie's older sister.

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