December 19, 2019

Review: 41392 Nature Glamping

Glamorous Camping is what the word Glamping represents -- Friends enjoy Nature as much as a beautiful setting! Get ready to relax, pamper yourself and meet the wildlife!

Box front shows Glamping in a forest meadow between trees at sunset -- with dark purple framing two corners of the image. Regular BFF heart, mini-doll cameos, and bottom left inset of a glimpse inside the tent.
Tucked into a tree hollow is the new-for-2019 Squirrel :-)

Box back shows some of the fun Mia and Olivia are having on their retreat! Mia has biked into town for supplies, as our new furry friend eyes an apple.

One box side shows the new animal, along with brick collage builds.

Scene slice side shows Mia in the natural spring pool and Olivia attempting to roast a marshmallow ... oopsie.

Box top shows lots of fun parts, and Mia as the main Friends of this set. New squirrel isn't named, because we shouldn't name wild animals (except in Elvendale of course).

Box contents: Sticker sheet, instructions and tent in protective plastic with cardboard support; one 8x16 Lime plate, and two numbered parts bags. We see the anonymous mini-doll letting us know about the Instructions Plus app.

Removed from plastic: Sticker sheet, instructions book, and plastic tent (still laying on cardboard, which is white on one side; certainly re-usable). The 71-page instruction book is not in the newer style as the Baking Competition.

Bag 1 parts: No real new parts, other than the squirrel with new print. For me, I am most excited about the printed 2x2 brown "cut wood" tile.

Mia has a Lime green sleeveless zipped jacket with some vertical pocket or zipper on the upper left. It's trimmed with dark purple to coordinate with her purple rolled-hem shorts and dark Azure shoes.

Olivia wears a cool yellow halter-top sashed with bright pink over a coordinated shirt and skirt. The shirt appears to have some astral floral or spacey design. Paired with Azure shoes, she's wearing her signature color combo.

Freckled squirrel sure is cute! A new print in 2019 for this furry friend first appeared in: Ariel, Aurora, and Tiana's Royal Celebration 41162. We haven't seen a squirrel in a Friends set since 2014.

Squirrel print comparison: the 2013 version has green eyes and no real eyelid definition; while the 2019 version has freckles and hazel-brown eye color with a bit of eyelid enhanced.

After building our mini-dolls, bike, cut-log table, round cushion seats, and roasting stick -- we build the fire pit. The grey curvy tiles and seat cushions upgrade it more than just a brown cross plate. The telescope is a sweet design for our budding astronomer Olivia. Clear starry skies in the forest night.

Next we get building a tree for the adorable squirrel. It's a good solid build; normally trees are solid brown, yet that color can be somewhat hard to distinguish parts. So, green and tan parts add definition. The hanging Lantern and flowers certainly "glam" it up! The pool gets cushion seats, fruity drink goblets, a music speaker, a lovely mat to dry your feet upon exiting -- and basket for an apple snack perhaps. The tree backside is limb-less, which is fine and makes moving that section around easier.

Everything bag 1 parts builds: The cut-log table is small yet cute next to those animal print cushion stools. Of course Mia has her safety helmet for biking. What we've built so far could certainly be a small "picnic" polybag type set. Yet, we will enjoy a glamorous tent too!

Bag 2 parts: Nothing really new, yet all great usable parts; plus one can never have enough Lanterns!

First we build the tent's footprint over a grassy spot. Then the platform for the 2 sleeping bags on mats, and a cabinet. As usual with Friends sets -- I love building these small "units" like the cabinet separate from where it will be placed. This one has color-coordinated drawers and clips for handy items. I like the flashlight (torch) design. The stickers for the sleeping bags have lovely animal prints. Glamping means fluffy pillows too!

With the sections all together, a Lantern and phone are added to the cabinet. We slide the sleeping platform into the tent base. Super clever!

Now we've built the frame for the tent itself. I think it's actually quite lovely even this way -- as sort of a pavilion. The smooth stone path inside the bright pink half circle also adds to the glamping vs just camping setup. The sleeping platform can still slide out 2 studs length; so that should help with access for play.

Drape the tent over the frame -- button the flaps onto the knobs and we are covered! I was a bit nervous pulling the perforated tent from its soft plastics die cut form ... yet it's made for play, so it should stand up to tugging. Getting the 3 small holed slots over the knobs takes a wee bit of push. Yet, once on is very secure. As with so many elements, the tent "canvas" is way more lovely in person that any photographs!

Heart-shaped Moon-roof windows!! Yes! This was a nice surprise since in most product images and on the white cardboard -- I thought the hearts were white. The side windows with printed zippers are lovely too, along with the yellow pendants flags draped across the top and entrance. There are crimped seams you can try to make it more boxy, otherwise it does poof a bit like the product images.

Lastly for building, we attach our colorful lights strand from the tent pole to the tree. Along with these 6 spare parts, that's everything bag 2 builds.

While relaxing in the tent, they don't see the squirrel hungry for that apple!
With the platform pulled forward as far as it can (due to white cheese slopes stopping the groove plate), you can the stone slab is hidden.

Olivia is waiting for night sky so she can star gaze from the comfort of her sleeping bag! Now that is Glamping!

Squirrels are curious by nature, and that hairbrush looks pretty interesting ...

Mia offers that furry new friend another apple in the morning. Get ready for another glamorous camping day!

Sticker sheet close-up and the nice spare parts from bag 1. As with all Friends sets, the bunny and stag prints in matching colors, plus the swanky geometric patterned cushions -- give us the thoughtful details we love.

One more look at the overall Glamping experience.
More Friends are welcome!


In case you think Friends designers made up the word glamping -- it's real and very popular around the world. There are fancy tents, fancy cabins, and fancy all sorts of structures you can rent. There's even a movie about Glamping.

Building trees is always enjoyable for me, and this one is good for teaching new builders techniques. It would be easy to modify larger, add more branches and Lanterns. The tent framework surprised me the most in its design and beauty. The fact that the sleeping platform sides out is not only good for play, yet also inspiring for personal builds. Although I was hesitant about the soft plastic tent itself, I think it represents "Glamping" in LEGO form better than brick-built. Angling plates to make a tent is nice to, because you can hinge a side for access. Yet, this tent's interior doesn't seem inaccessible.

If you already own Mia's House, this set would be great to build in her backyard. If I had to remove and replace any aspects, it would be to remove the speaker (as I'm not a fan of human music in a forest) and bike (just because you'd probably arrive by car or ATV). Instead I'd add a larger pretty wooden table for eating, comfy camp chairs, and an umbrella.

For Friends fans, blending Mia and Olivia's interests with this set should be a big hit.

Disclaimer: This set was provided by The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
Photographs are property of Friends Bricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.


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