December 27, 2019

Review: 41397 Juice Truck

Heartlake City now has a fruity drink truck to quench the thirst of Friends in the sun!

Box front with art-doodles on purple flanges shows set at the beach outside of HLC. The BFF heart, mini-doll cameos are standard, yet this is labelled with red round inset of 4+ (previously Juniors). These types of sets are in several themes for allowing young builders a way to learn.

Box back has images of our mini-dolls, some fun elements and our animals. The play scene shows water -- yet we don't build any in from this box -- imagination is all you need. This "Learn to Build" designated set shows some of the construction aspects on the box.

Box top shows more pieces highlighted, a small brick collage and our mini-dolls with names. The 2 Dolphins do not have names here.

Box side with brick collage and Instructions PLUS ad let's us know we can scan the QR code and use digital instructions too.

Box side scene slice shows Emma arriving in her Juice Truck, while Andrea relaxes by the water.

Box contents: Instructions booklet (pre-2020 style), two bags of parts, and one Teal juniors vehicle chassis with axles already attached at the factory.

Underside of the Juniors vehicle chassis piece with grey axle parts added at the factory.  This is considered a "Starter Brick" so young builders don't get too frustrated with axles attaching to plates.

Bag 1 parts: New printed front grille on Teal, new menu print on the 1x2x4 white panel, and in the smaller baggie -- we get new bright yellowish green Bamboo leaves!

First we build Emma, give her sunglasses and the baby Dolphin.

As we start adding bricks to the chassis piece, the lime green arch/bow bricks are set down quite a bit from construction I am used to. Of course this makes sense to add at this point for the driver's area. I'm just used to flat floorboards without sides already.
The reason I have taken a photo of the instructions page is that, for me, it's a bit hard to see exactly which studs get the navy brick with cash register, next to the 1x4 navy blue brick. Having space on either side may be important later.

Here we have windows added, some side bricks, tiles, the tan counter, and the sweet printed panel. There are no stickers in this set, so I'm happy to have that printed wooden plank!

After finishing the roof bow bricks (slopes) and tiling, we add the pink "nose" to the front grille. Such a cute printed graphic!

Front grille and some greenery added, this is all the build of the truck from bag 1 parts -- with a few spares.
We've added a blender for fruity drinks, a goblet with pink cherry smoothie, and a printed pineapple to use on the counter.

A closer look at Emma: Her blue halter-top swimsuit with white scrolling details is so lovely. She wears this top also in her Summer Heart Box 41385.
There is back printing details with rounded open back with straps tied in a bow. She wears an aqua skirt in this set and navy mary-janes.

Bag 2 parts: New 2x4x2 arch brick with pineapple design, and new color of bright yellowish green for the bush piece.

First we build Andrea, add a yellow flower to her hair and stand her on a surfboard. The adult Dolphin arrives, and we place the camera in the yellow basket for easy access.

Who lives in a ... oops, wrong theme -- This is such a cool Pineapple! I love it! I did use the brown "tree" column placed into the center top of the green bush to push onto the yellow 2x4x2 arch brick securely, as to not bend any of its branches with my fingers.

We get to add this huge pineapple to the top of the -- now it's a Juice Truck! No mistaking this vehicle at the beach -- complete with a crate of fruit in the back.
The crate can fit onto the back lime green tile's studs in a couple positions. This was my initial concern with the instructions -- about the placement of the cash register brick.

Then we build the beach oasis. The reclining lounger is just like those shorter ones, just for the sand. The use of foot-plate is a good idea, otherwise a mini-doll will slide off. A table with a mug completes this shaded beach spot.

Here is everything we build -- minus the mini-dolls, and animals. We get 2 spare yellow flowers in bag 2.
My favorite aspects are: Huge Pineapple, printed menu, and printed front grille. It has somewhat of a Scooby-Doo vibe. Certainly groovy!

Andrea is wearing a swim top with her signature winged music note on the center. The gold/navy straps and navy blue zip-zap pattern continue onto her back. She also wore this top in Andrea's Summer Heart Box 41384. Her navy double strapped flip-flop sandals balance out the top with her magenta 2-layer skirt.

A view of the non-counter side of the truck. Only a non-wooden-printed nougat tile for the window side. The front angle view of the truck is the best to me. The green bamboo leaves pieces kept coming off when ever I would pick the truck up to move it. I don't know if this will be an issue for young builders.

When Emma arrived at the beach earlier, Andrea had just missed getting a photo of the baby Dolphin surfing! She was so thirsty ... having sipped the last drop. Good thing Emma's Juice Truck is here! Andrea need hydration -- and fast! (If she ever wants to see her surfboard again!)


If you pretend you've already built the chassis with about six plates of varying sizes, axles and mudguards -- from there on up this set is the same as any other System set within this piece count. Other food trucks may have more of a roof, yet this one has slopes and tiles. So, in that regard, it doesn't seem too much "juniorized" for any fan.

The new re-colors of bush and bamboo will make this an attractive set for many fans. The printed items are not limiting at all -- that menu can go on any beach creation.

While the Dolphins are cute -- especially the baby -- without water, or even a pool, it feels a bit strange playing with them. Turtles may be more suited to this set. Yet, I'm sure young fans won't mind; plus the baby Dolphins are somewhat rare.

I enjoyed building this set and could see it within a beach layout, or next to a beach house. Even with the chassis in its form, for AFOLs the color Teal is attractive. Plus, it can still be upgraded with a solid roof that comes off or opens, and maybe have the huge pineapple rotate. Having two mini-dolls in a set this size is nice. Especially since the torso prints are rare.

Food trucks are popular across all LEGO themes, so this offering should be welcome. At the very least it's inspiration for MOCs. A few ideas crossed my mind as I *played* with this Juice Truck.

Suggestion to TLG: Place tires and wheels in the last bag, so eager builders don't attach them before building bricks onto the chassis top. A rolling truck is harder to build upon.

This set was provided by The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
Photographs are property of Friends Bricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.


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