December 29, 2019

Review: 41401 Stephanie's Play Cube

Loving to bake since 2012, Stephanie now has a mobile kitchen cube to share her sweet success!

Package front shows the cube open, yet without the surprise pet. These are a similar cardboard design as used for the Heart Boxes, except the cube is physically protruding out. It's noted this is Series #1 of at least two.

Back of this envelope type of package shows all 5 play cubes this wave; plus how you can stack them.

Contents: Instructions pamphlet, largest parts bag, sticker sheet, and cube with more items inside.

Sticker sheet is loose in the package, yet at the top flatter part, so in good shape.
My favorite is the pink and azure tiled wall.

Largest bag contents: New light pink 2x6/1x6 bracket/plates, a new aqua frosting piece (small size), a new Chef's hat with hair integrated (blonde for Stephanie), and her new torso with a swirl on the apron.
The white cabinet actually came out of the bag with the door snapped in -- yet backwards with the handle inside! So, I used the end of a flame piece to pry it open for reversing.

Here is happy Stephanie with a big smile wearing her new Chef hat. The apron has pink zig-zags with a swirl motif and straps criss-crossing her back, then tied with a bow. I love the back detail, plus with her hair pulled into a swirly bun, we can see these details!
Over a magenta sleeveless top and matching sneakers, her azure skirt rounds out her colors.

Cube contents: Smaller bag of parts, folded cardboard "surprise" box with loads of question marks, Stephanie brochure, and the open cube allows you to see the interior squared anti-studs for the pink brackets to connect.
I've added a ruler (not included) for this image so you can see the true size. Keep in mind the interior build space if buying for an AFOL.

Here are the two sections built -- ready for installation. It's a glass-door oven, rather than frig. The tray of cupcakes will be loose while baking. The drawer gets 2 flower decorations, loose of course, so mind the drawer. I love that candle flame piece!

The kitchen sections are installed into the cube by sliding the pink brackets into place. We add Stephanie with her whisk. She's ready for her surprise pet!

Surprise! A golden puppy! With bright spring green eyes and a pink shimmery tongue, this pose is one Dash has had in the past.

Now we can let the puppy in the kitchen! Smelling that sweet whipped frosting ... mind that it doesn't spill. The white swirl connects to a white 1x1 plate with hole -- yet the inside bottom of that black sauce pan does not have a stud.
In order to close with this pose, you'll need to have Stephanie raise her whisk.

Cube closes securely and quiet, although it makes a small *pop* sound when opening. Showing the azure side and the hinge, which can snap apart -- yet I didn't want to take any chances. We get a very good amount and selection of spare parts!

Stephanie's brochure shows the various re-colored surprise pets you may get with one of her cubes. This random offering seems similar to the Collectible Mini-figures series.

The reverse side of her brochure shows all 5 of the play cubes this wave, along with the varying surprise re-colored pets for each. Plus that Series #2 (due out 2nd half of 2020) will have a trans-pink sparkly half. The graphics nearby must hint at some contents.

The rest of the stickers aren't in the instructions, so you can stick them wherever you want.

I decided to create my own scene of Stephanie starting to decorate another cake. She already baked a shortcake for her new golden pet to enjoy.
The sparkly trans-purple half looks good with Spring Green studs!


Since this is the second play cube I've built and reviewed, I knew a bit more of what to expect. I still took my time re-creating the scene from the package art. Instructions are just one page. Stickers are always a challenge; yet the kitchen backdrop is just so pretty, I didn't mind it.

The new pink brackets are really fun and I experimented with two on one side (with one reversed and attached to the other) and the cube still closed. I didn't have parts in this set that I wanted to add to the back 1x6 row of studs -- which then faced out, so I abandoned that concept. I did create a similar scene, yet different enough to show off the kitchen wall. Of course bricks stick to the top outside of the cube, so it could be fun to decorate. That's if you're going to sit it closed on a desk.

The surprise pet is very pretty in person -- my images don't do it justice for sure. The Golden Retriever is one of the most well-liked dogs in the world, I believe.

For the target audience, this play cube is perfect for travelling -- as everything fits inside the cube. Just mind all the flowers and bows that could fall while building. Although we do get a generous supply of extras.

For AFOLs, the new pink brackets should be of interest, especially for interior cafe or house builds. For fans who collect Friends animals, the re-colored pets will be hard to resist. As I mention in my review of Andrea's cube, I have already seen fan creations of various scenes inside. Even in roughly 2 1/2 by 2 1/2  inches of space, fans still find a way to re-build!

This set was provided by The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
Photographs are property of Friends Bricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.


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