December 31, 2019

Review: 41403 Mia's Play Cube

All Cubed up and ready to treat pets of any color -- Mia is a Vet with heart!

Package front shows the cube open with all the Vet equipment installed, yet lacking our newly re-colored pet patient. This cardboard packaging is similar to the Heart Boxes, yet the cube itself protrudes out. This is Series #1 of Play Cubes with surprise pets.

Back shows the other 4 play cubes and that we can stack them -- thanks to the exterior studs and anti-studs (tubes). Beveled sides have collages of re-colored pets.

Contents: Instructions pamphlet, largest bag of parts, sticker sheet, closed cube with more stuff inside.

Sticker sheet: Of course cute being the Friends theme -- although the bunny on the monitor has a wee evil look. The green and yellow tiled backdrop of this cube vet clinic is nice, and even a mouse hole?
The mountain one reminds me of Camp Heart.

Largest bag parts: Two of the new-for-2020 light pink 2x6/1x6 bracket plates, and Mia gets a new torso -- otherwise nothing new, yet always welcome dark azure 1x2s.

Mia has a new Veterinarian vest -- complete with a furry friend in a pocket. It looks like a small pink Panda, or hamster? Her teal shirt underneath matches the teal buttons, and provides contrast with the azure name badge and paw print. Apparently the animal also climbed up her back as we see more paw prints! Plus a cinch belt over a gathered center. Love this back detail. Dark purple rolled-hem shorts with back pockets, dark azure sneakers tied in purple laces and soles give us her colors -- along with the lime green cube.
Her face is always so cheery with freckles, lovely green eyes and slight side smile.

Cube contents: Mia brochure, small parts bag, opened cube (so you can see the square anti-studs the brackets connect to inside), and the cardboard pillow-box covered in question marks.
I've added a ruler (not included) to give an idea of the actual size.

Modules built on the new bracket plates. The weight scale gauge is a sticker, yet might as well be printed since it's appeared in several sets. The medical supply cart has some green liquid bottle, baby bottle, spoon (yay), and an Otoscope for ear exams.

Installed in the cube, the modules go in after the exam light, wall lights, and backdrop sticker.

Our surprise patient is a re-colored dark azure bunny! This baby bunny has a shimmery pink heart-shaped nose and is so cute! Since it's a baby bunny, it's not Twister; perhaps Cinnamon?

Waiting patiently on the exam table, Mia's new blue bunny is still so cute! Mia is ready with a needle syringe that's practically bigger than this pet ... shhhhhh ... close your eyes bunny!
This is everything we install into the cube, and the only stickers the instructions are specific about.

As we close the cub in this pose, baby bunny is gonna get a needle right in that cute little nose! Awwww.
Spare parts are somewhat rare types. I'll always welcome another spoon :-)

Mia brochure shows all the possible re-colored pets placed randomly throughout the play cube packages. I probably wouldn't want a cactus next to an exam table I was sitting on ... just sayin' ...
And, now I am reminded of how much I wish her hair was bright orange like bat-girl's.

Flipside shows all 5 play cubes and re-colored pet surprises you can collect, plus that Series #2 (due mid-2020) will have sparkly trans-pink halves connected to each Friends signature solid colored half.

Cube closes quietly, yet opens with a soft *pop* sound. We can place the stickers anywhere we want; instructions only tell us where to place computer monitor screen, scale gauge, and vet clinic backdrop.

My own creation with just the pieces from this cube is a Recovery Room for pets. Because visiting the Vet is traumatic for animals; we have privacy curtains, bunny toys, and a comfy bed. Mia is seeing if new blue bunny is ready for some milk. Awww.  (I couldn't resist the I heart U, heart, and paw print stickers!)

For a small cube container, it packs a good amount of parts and play possibilities. Getting new torso print for Mia is great too. The re-colored baby bunny in dark azure is just as cute as a white or brown version.

The new brackets can be placed different in locations for other configurations. AFOLs will enjoy trying to fit an idea in such a small area, while the target audience will enjoy all aspects. The small parts can get lost -- especially if taking a cube for travels. At least everything here connects; no loose pieces. Still, we get spares.

Collecting these will be fun for serious Friends fans. Once you open that surprise box, it's fun to think of the other colors too. These may be more popular than the pods, for their stack-ability. Pulling up bricks and parts while the pink brackets are connected to the inside of the cube is easy because it only removes horizontally. Getting the wee bunny onto the exam table under that light fixture was a bit tight for my AFOL fingers. Either pull out that section or get a kid to help!

(Note: The piece count for this set is actually 40 -- not 36, the source I used was incorrect at time of publishing.)

This set was provided by The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
Photographs are property of Friends Bricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.


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