LEGO Elves Me & My Dragon Display case - Review

The LEGO Elves Me & My Dragon Display case (853654) is new for 2016!

It is coated-paper-covered-cardboard with dimensions being just over 9” (23cm) tall and 5” (14cm) deep; thickness of the sturdy cardboard is 1" (5cm).  LEGO Elves elements do not come with the case, however, three 14x6 black baseplates do and fit onto 3 shelves.  The cardboard drawer also comes with it.
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The case opens to reveal a lovely coated-paper playmat depicting an Elevendale landscape.  This fold-out is secured by circles of hook & loop fasteners when closed.  The baseplates are loose (removable), as is the drawer.

 Although no LEGO Elves come with it -- in this image above, you can see Azari, Sira, and the baby fire Dragon Spark from The Starlight Inn which I have placed to show size comparison.  Spark's orange translucent eggshell fits snuggly onto the baseplate, since it has a receiving tube on the bottom.  You can store 3 eggs on each of the 3 shelves with baseplates.  The baby Dragons could be stored in the eggs, or directly on another baseplate, or in the drawer.  The drawer could easily fit 12-25 Mini-doll Elves, and/or small set pieces and bricks.

The back of the case has the LEGO Elves logo printed.  The product sleeve is held on by a small round tape piece that's not too sticky -- if you pull it off slowly it will not damage the case's beautiful paper; I would be very careful if you use scissors, as not to accidentally 'score' the paper coating.  The sleeve depicts possible use demonstration, and an insert of the drawer pulled out with items inside.  Note: the case does not come with any of those LEGO Elves elements, as is written on the sleeve.

LEGO Elves has other complementary gear items: a Diary, Key Chains/Bag Charms, and Playmat (larger version of what is printed inside this case).  This is the first storage case for the theme.

To maintain the exterior finish with this type of case (of which The LEGO Company has produced before) so the wonderful graphics do not become marred -- do handle with a bit of care.  Do not allow it to get wet.  The corners would be the first areas to show wear.  Keep it in a clean area; if it gets dusty, use soft cloth with very minimal moisture to clean it.

Summary: Holding it for the first time and opening it felt like having a bit of Elvendale!  That makes this item fun and a useful addition to any fans' collection.
   For the Me & My Dragons part ... I guess the "me" at this point is Azari ... although Sira seems very cool and I look forward to her Elvendale Adventures!
From the official product description:
Carry your baby dragons and eggs in style!
Bring your baby dragons and eggs from the wonderful LEGO® Elves world along in this multi-functional carry and display case, featuring a drawer and 3 open compartments with baseplate lining. Open the cover to reveal a small playmat and let the LEGO Elves adventures begin!

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