January 11, 2016

Spotlight: Adventure Camp Tree House

LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Tree House (41122) takes adventure building to the next level!
With lots of action-functions using bricks in clever ways, it also opens up for play & imagination once built.

We get introduced to a new character, Joy, who is the Camp Leader -- and get Emma & Stephanie in fun new "outdoorsy" outfits.  Plus, a cute Fox and Joy's trained Eagle named Elvis!

The base section is built with hinges so you can open it up for play, plus the roof sections
hinge open to reveal the cozy sleeping loft.

Watch the built-in obstacle course starting at the tire swing!

Back of the box shows the obstacles you get to build into the Treehouse: Tire swing, Vine, Turning Bridge balance challenge, slide, and Rock Climbing Wall.

Joy encourages Stephanie on the climbing wall, while her pet Eagle eyes a sip from
that waterfall you get to build!

Top of the tree gives fans a chance to learn to build varying branch styles.  The "Camp Wild Hearts" banner flag is a great blend of Friends & nature!  Building this 726-piece set will be a worthy accomplishment.

Detailed accessories is one hallmark of Friends sets, and although some of these have been in previous sets, there is a brand new LEGO element above the trophy -- a cut log printed tile.  Those also come in the Adventure Camp Rafting set and no doubt will be coveted by many MOCers!

The setting is Clear Brook Mountain, just outside Heartlake City and this building scene is packed full of bricks to make any type of adventure you'd like the build.

Just like camping in real life ... ya gotta watch out for sneaky wild life!

The Adventure Camp logo graces the cover of the Campsite Scrapbook, along with Joy and Elvis.
It doesn't come with the set, yet is another fun "Gear" item option for expanding the Friends fan experience.

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