January 9, 2016

Spotlight: Adventure Camp Rafting

LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Rafting (41121)
2016 is the year Friends go to Adventure camps -- here is the Rafting one -- you can see 
Olivia waving with her camera near the bridge.
The box art shows Heartlake City's mountains, plus brick functions & Andrea is also included.

Watch the product video to see how well they navigate the course!

You can see the technic pieces with the yellow knob used to build the falling branch function.
Box art on the back shows all the adventures you get to build!

Olivia & Andrea enjoying marshmallows after their adventures.  Fans will enjoy building the camp fire, the round design is nice.  There have been fabric tents in LEGO form in the past, yet this new one is more 
stain resistant and requires building the base bricks before attaching.
Accessories are always clever in Friends sets, and this year we get new orange life vests and a
printed compass tile, plus a helmet style first introduced in the Gravity Games sport theme in 2003,
yet now in a bright hot pink color for Friends.
A Gold trophy is always a welcome addition to any fan's LEGO collection!
As you're building this set, you can imagine the pine scent and beautiful vistas -- and perhaps
memories of your own camping adventures.
It's always interesting to see how the designers incorporate rock and tree structures into the overall build.  The function elements give fans a chance to learn new techniques to use on their own creations.
The camp sign-post in this set points to the other two "Camp Wild Hearts" Adventures:
Go left for Archery or right for the Treehouse
 ... which one are you hoping to build?

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