December 1, 2017

2017 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 41326 Daily *Reveal*

2017 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 41326 *Reveal*

Day 1:
Stephanie wearing a classic Nordic sweater is checking her list ... and checking it twice!
This is the same sweater Mia is wearing at the Hot Chocolate Van, 
so let's hope Steph doesn't need a pick-me-up today!
She came with an extra red party hat that we might see later in the countdown to Christmas!

Day 2:
Snowmobile!  This makes it easier for Stephanie to round-up her party animals!
Day 3:
Bunny slope for baby bunny Chili and her snow saucer!
Day 4:

Holiday hutch for her baby Bunny Chili and a carrot for munching.
Day 5:
Toffee the Pug!
Day 6:
Practice slope and a bright yellowish green snowboard!
Mia taught Toffee surfboard tricks in set 41306,
so now's a chance try out snowboarding!
Day 7:
Dog house just right for a Pug!  An extra bone was in the calendar door,
which Toffee needed after snowboarding yesterday!
Day 8:
A Sled for Stephanie to pull behind her Snowmobile!
Who will get the first ride?
Day 9:
Violet perched outside her cage decorated for the Holidays.
Day 10:
A stage perch with microphone for Violet to sing for
all her animal friends during the Holiday Party!
Day 11:

Holiday food table with a tart and layer cake.
No doubt Stephanie baked these as evident with
her signature "Star" symbol on top!
Day 12:
Hot Chocolate station with Milk, Chocolate and a Cup!
Day 13:
Cozy Azure Chairs by a Fire Pit so we can warm our Hot Chocolate!  Plus a marshmallow
roasting on a stick -- for the hot chocolate perhaps ...
(an extra stick with marshmallow were behind the door too,
so she can invite a Friend, plus an extra flame in case that one goes out)!
Day 14:
A traditional sled with an Azure seat for pulling behind her Snowmobile.
Day 15:
Not a creature was stirring, not even ... a Mouse!
In her house decorated for the Holidays, with a cheese wedge
to entice her out of the hole.
Day 16:
Jewel the cat and a silver fish for her!
Day 17:
A cat scratching post just for Jewel!
Day 18:
Party dress-up accessories stand.
Day 19:
Another sled for the Snowmobile "party train" through the Winter Wonderland!
Day 20:
Christmas Tree!
Day 21:
Day 22:
Diamond!  She's a foal who's black as coal.
Day 23:
A one-pony open-Sleigh for Diamond to pull.
Day 24:
Snowman Santa!

After the last door has been open ...

All the animals are collected from their homes with the "party train"
behind Stephanie's Snowmobile and Diamond's Sleigh.
They've arrived to the Christmas Party spot with food stalls, tree & snowman Santa!

One alternate build using parts from this calendar: A run-in shed for the pony Diamond!
A bale of hay for her after a day pulling the sleigh.
Since all the other animals had a hutch or house or some type of shelter,
it seemed right to give her one.

Oopsie!  There was a slight "blooper" during one of the fire pit activities!
Good thing we got an extra stick!

The box front artwork shows the party train travelling through the snow!

The box back artwork shows the daily doors to open while using the playmat flap for the builds.
This is the first year the inside tray is white pressed cardboard (easy to recycle),
rather than the black plastic.

The opened flap shows artwork of Stephanie picking up each of her animal friends
for the Christmas party.
The playmat-flap has a snowy scene with trees, a Lamp-lit pathway and a frozen pond.

 The small daily builds can be combined for larger builds, or re-build into anything of imagination.
It's always nice to get extra parts -- especially of the smaller pieces, such as: red flowers, pink swirls, bone, stick and round white plate with open stud.

 This set is somewhat a mash-up of 2012's "Stephanie's Pet Patrol" (3935) and
"Party Train" (41111) from 2016, which has the same color scheme.
Both very well-received sets, so it makes sense to build upon that success!

The Friends design team also provided these additional building ideas with the bricks in the set via the Friends mini-site at LEGO's site on December 25th.



Anonymous said...

I luv the Steph's list!!! I wanted that brick since it was released, so I'm super happy that I got it in this Advent Calendar. I have all of Friends, and I'm really glad for all the stuff there. Btw has anyone noticed that the inside of it is white instead of black and from different material?

LMM said...

Yes the tray is made of an easily recycle-able cardboard instead of plastic this year for the first time. There will be images of it at the end of the advent calendar reveal. :-)

Xyra Silverleaf said...

Now I'm having second thoughts on passing this year. :(

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